Tina Cipollari in crisis with her fiancé Vincenzo Ferrara: the indiscretion

Tina Cipollari in crisis with her fiancé Vincenzo Ferrara: the indiscretion

According to some rumors, Tina Cipollari is in crisis with her fiancé Vincenzo Ferrara

According to some rumors, the story of Tina Cipollari with Vincenzo Ferrara would be in crisis. The most attentive fans have not missed the absence of the Florentine restaurateur from the social profiles of the men and women columnist. In fact, for some time Vincenzo has no longer appeared in Tina's photos who, despite everything, always appears radiant and full of energy.

After the commitments with the Maria De Filippi show, the vamp is enjoying some well-deserved rest. Together with her, her three children born from love for Kikò Nalli: Mattias, who made his debut in the world of music, Francesco and Gianluca. Many have noticed the extraordinary change of Tina who, as promised in September, with the beginning of the television season, has lost many pounds. Thanks to a nutritionist chosen for her by Maria De Filippi, the opinionist has managed to lose weight, returning to her healthy weight, and is now more beautiful than ever.

Despite this, according to the weekly Nuovo, there are some problems that are tormenting Cipollari. In fact, Gianni Sperti's colleague is said to be in crisis with Vincenzo Ferrara, the Florentine restaurateur who stole her heart after her divorce from Kikò Nalli, a famous hairstylist now linked to Ambra Lombardo, known in the home of the GF Vip. Some sources reveal that the lockdown would have cooled the relationship between boyfriends. Some time ago Tina spoke briefly about her partner in an interview. "We often talk to Vincenzo on the phone and every now and then we make some video calls – he had confessed -, but not even many: having my three children at home with me, I have a pretty busy life and, thank God, I don't know boredom" .

The last couple photo dates back to February 14 when the two lovers celebrated Valentine's Day together. Since then, no love shots have appeared on Vincenzo and Tina's profile. For some it would be evidence that a crisis is underway, for others it may simply be a choice by Cipollari and Ferrara to protect their privacy. It was no coincidence that a few months ago there was talk of a possible wedding, then skipped because of the health emergency.

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