Tina Cipollari reveals the secrets of Claudio Sona and Pechino Express

Tina Cipollari reveals the secrets of Claudio Sona and Pechino Express

Tina Cipollari reveals the secrets of Claudio Sona, gay tronista of Men and Women, and of Beijing Express

Claudio Sona Source: Instagram

Tina Cipollari will soon be back on TV with Beijing Express and Men and Women, two highly anticipated programs for the new season. In the first we will see the vamp grappling with trials to overcome and travel, while in the second Tina Cipollari will join the first gay tronista Claudio Sona.

The columnist of Men and Women told the first meeting with the boy, spending very sweet words for him and defending him from the accusations that are circulating on the web these days. According to some gossip, Claudio Sona would have had a relationship with Stefano Gabbana, the designer with whom he would have been spotted more than once in Rome. "I don't care about these rumors. Why do we always have to see ourselves rotten? ”He explained, dismissing the issue and saying he was very happy with the advent of the gay throne.

"Di Claudio, in the studio and backstage, they all speak well" explained Tina Cipollari, defining Claudio Sona, the new gay tronista of Men and Women, a "golden boy". The vamp then hinted at her experience at Pechino Express, from which she returned even more fit, leaner and with a new spirit. "Everything happened to me," he said, recounting the experience that lasted a month in which he traveled around the world with Simone Di Matteo. "At times, food becomes almost a waste of time," explained Tina, "An endless race. I can't say much, but you'll see some good ones. Leaving aside physical fatigue, it was a wonderful journey ”.

Beijing Express will be broadcast on September 12th, once again conducted by Costantino Della Gherardesca, while the first episode of Men and Women (already recorded) will be broadcast September 12 on Canale Cinque. And according to the first previews given by Tina Cipollari in both programs we will see some good ones!

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