Tina Cipollari reveals the secrets of her diet: what she eats every day

Tina Cipollari reveals her diet to lose twenty pounds, revealing what she eats every day

Tina Cipollari reveals the secrets of her diet, telling what she eats every day to reach the goal of losing twenty pounds. The challenge, begun in the studies of Men and Women, is thrilling the fans of the broadcast. In fact, De Filippi has made available to the show's vamp a professional who has created a specific food plan for her.

"My goal is to lose twenty kilos, there are still some missing, but with time I am sure I will succeed," explained Tina, who is already following the new diet. The diet of the opinion of Men and Women includes five meals a day in which vegetables and proteins are consumed. For breakfast, instead, the Cipollari can eat bread, while as a snack you can choose from many options that include dried fruit, seasonal fruit or yogurt.

"I have to do exactly five meals a day – he revealed to the Magazine of Men and Women -: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. In the morning I can eat a slice of bruscato bread with light jam or almond butter, for the morning snack I can choose between low-fat yogurt, dried fruit or a seasonal fruit. At lunch I can eat meat or fish – added the vamp – but before I have to eat vegetables, the afternoon snack consists of six green olives, dried fruit or seasonal fruit. In the evening then again meat with vegetables or fish ".

Tina has never hidden that she has a great passion for pasta, but at least in the first phase of the diet, she is not allowed. "My diet does not include pasta – he clarified -, but I can eat spelled". Cipollari would like to lose twenty pounds, but the first days of the diet were not at all simple. But now everything has settled for the best and the colleague of Gianni Sperti is serene.

"My mood is excellent, it has not changed at all, indeed – he clarified -. I feel much better on a physical level, I breathe better, walk faster, I sleep better at night and feel lighter. Beyond the lost pounds I'm seeing results, I feel more deflated. "

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