Tina Cipollari single: the story with Vincenzo Ferrara is over

Tina Cipollari single: the story with Vincenzo Ferrara is over

Tina Cipollari is single again: on Instagram the announcement of the end of the story with Vincenzo Ferrara

Tina Cipollari is single again. The columnist of Men and Women announced on Instagram the end of the relationship with Vincenzo Ferrara. Always very reserved about her private life, the vamp of the Maria De Filippi show wanted to clarify the situation after numerous gossip.

“Here I am – wrote Tina -, although I don't really like talking about my private life, I think it's right to communicate through my social profiles that I am happily single again, as I did when I found myself happily divorced. It is over between me and Vincenzo – he explained -, therefore, I would appreciate, indeed I would ask all of you and the press, out of respect and seriousness, not to associate me with or approach a love that for some time has no longer any reason to exist in the my life. Thanks in advance Tina Cipollari ”.

For several months, there had been talk of a crisis between Cipollari and Vincenzo Ferrara, a Florentine entrepreneur met after his farewell to Kikò Nalli, the columnist's ex-husband. "The only problem is the distance – said the restaurateur -. During the week Tina is fixed in Rome to record the episodes of Men and Women while I am always at work in my restaurant. He can only reach me at the weekend ”. Cipollari said she had found happiness next to Ferrara: “We often talk to Vincenzo on the phone and sometimes we also make some video calls but not many. Having my three children at home with me, I have a rather busy life and, thank God, I don't know boredom (…) The only positive thing is that we have more time to be together and have long chats ".

Kikò Nalli and Tina Cipollari have been linked for over ten years. A strong and intense bond from which three children were born – Mattias, Gianluca and Francesco – and which did not break even after the divorce. In fact, Kikò and Tina remained very close for the sake of the children, despite their new relationships. The hairstylist lived a love story with Ambra Lombardo, met in the house of the GF, while Cipollari seemed to have found serenity next to Vincenzo Ferrara. At least until today.

Tina Cipollari Instagram

Tina Cipollari – Source: Instagram

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