Tints, henna and other natural remedies to lighten hair

Tints, henna and other natural remedies to lighten hair

Lightening the hair without damaging it is not easy, however there are many effective products on the market such as dyes and sprays, but also natural remedies.

Blond hair is not all the same. Some are lucky enough to have light hair and golden reflections, others fight with dull and dull hair, especially in winter. In fact, blond hair, including those with darker shades, comes alive in the summer under the rays of the sun. However it is possible to have a perfect color even in the dark winter months, lightening the hair with natural and non-natural products.

To lighten hair effectively and quickly, just buy a color or contact a hairdresser. But be careful with DIY dyes: make sure before applying that the color is right for you, because then you risk having to run to the hairdresser to arrange a hair that has turned yellow straw. For a more natural and delicate effect, you can buy products for meches, which applied only to some strands, will make your hair rich in nuances.

Then there are some more or less effective sprays on the market. Even with these products it is always advisable to try the application only on a lock, perhaps hidden, as recommended by Clio Makeup. If you have dark blond hair, it is easy for them to go through a phase before they are lightened, in which they will appear to be decidedly red.

There are many other remedies to lighten hair naturally and do it yourself. The most classic is the chamomile. It is enough to make an infusion of chamomile and then let it cool. After shampooing, pour the infusion onto the hair and leave it to dry in the sun or in the open air. A natural product is the blond henna, that is a neutral henna to which are added a mixture of herbs able to lighten the hair without ruining them, indeed it nourishes both the hair and the skin. Another product traditionally used to lighten hair is beer, with a lasting and natural result. The procedure is very simple, you only need to let your hair soak in a bowl containing blonde beer for up to 5 minutes and then keep them wrapped in a towel for an hour.

Another classic natural remedy is lemon: just squeeze the juice and mix it with water. Rinse after leaving for 30 minutes. Lemon should be used carefully because it dries the hair. On the contrary, honey will leave your hair soft and with light golden reflections. Wheat germ oil is another natural brightener as well as ginger.

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