Tips and good habits for a healthy diet

Tips and good habits for a healthy diet

A healthy diet means following some good habits and paying attention to the consumption of the foods we bring to the table. Here are the expert's advice

Following a healthy diet is much more than advice reiterated several times by your doctor. In fact, it is a real lifestyle that we should make our own, so as to become a habit for the well-being of body and mind. In fact, it is impossible to separate these two parts of the organism that we know are closely related to each other.

A healthy diet must first of all be balanced: this means that our diet should include the consumption of different foods rich in all the nutrients we need. Calcium, iron, magnesium, proteins, fats (yes, they too are essential for the proper functioning of the body), vitamins, can be taken by bringing to the table for example fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products. In this sense, the Mediterranean diet represents the symbol of a varied and healthy diet through which to introduce the necessary nutrients.

Nature gives us tasty and healthy foods every season such as fruit and vegetables, easy to prepare and above all satiating. We are spoiled for choice. On the other hand, however, there are the countless supermarket shelves, always full of delicious and appetizing delicacies at the glance.

In this case, you must pay attention to what you buy: many products of industrial origin are in fact enriched with salt, sugars, trans fats, which not only can lead to the development of diseases such as cardiovascular ones, or even diabetes and metabolic syndrome. , but they also provide more calories than they should. And without adequate physical activity, the risk of the scale weighing a few extra pounds is just around the corner.

A healthy diet consists in following some precautions in terms of habits and in choosing foods that are preferable to consume over others. We explored the topic with Dr. Laura Giori, Nutritionist Biologist.


  • 7 tips for healthy eating
  • Foods to be preferred
  • Foods to avoid

7 tips for healthy eating

"Here are some useful tips, immediately usable, at the basis of a healthy diet:

  • vary your diet as much as possible. In fact, the variety in the diet helps to obtain a balanced diet, satisfying the taste and fighting the monotony of flavors;
  • eat more fruit and vegetables, diversifying their color and preferring seasonal ones. I recommend consuming at least 5 servings a day;
  • have an eye on fats. Specifically, it is preferable to favor quality and limit quantity. Therefore, it is better to reduce fats of animal origin (such as butter, lard, cream, lard and similar) or those with a high saturated fat content (such as tropical oils). Furthermore, in general, it is good to prefer raw seasonings of vegetable origin, first of all extra virgin olive oil;
  • reduce the intake of sugars, sweets and sugary drinks. It is not forbidden to indulge in small pleasures, the important thing is not to overdo it and make this an occasional habit;
  • salt? Less is more. The iodized one is preferred. Instead, pay attention to that present in a hidden way in food products. In these cases, you can help yourself by reading the labels carefully. A valid and tasty alternative to salt can be to use spices and aromatic herbs to flavor the dishes;
  • drink plenty of water every day. An adult should drink at least 1.5 / 2 L on average;
  • limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Better to opt for those with a low alcohol content such as wine and beer, to be consumed during meals and to a moderate extent ».
  • Allowing ourselves to be tempted from time to time by some food that lifts our mood (the so-called comfort food) is not wrong and, above all, we must not get caught up in guilt. However, it is good to monitor these small mistakes and limit them as much as possible.

    In particular, pay attention to prepackaged foods that save time in terms of preparation, but which are actually rich in sugar and added salt. As indicated by the World Health Organization, to keep away the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, the recommended daily amount of salt must be less than 5 grams.

    Foods to be preferred

    «In a self-respecting diet, foods such as whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit, particularly rich in fiber, cannot be missing. But also white meats, low-fat cheeses, eggs, fish and other fish products, choosing for example blue fish rich in omega-3 ».

    These are foods that are a source of vitamins, proteins (animal and vegetable), good fatty acids, fiber, calcium, carbohydrates and sugars, essential for the proper functioning of the organs and all the complex mechanisms of our body.

    Foods to avoid

    “There are instead some foods that it would be preferable to avoid consuming, or at least reduce their quantity and frequency. These include: refined flours and cereals, foods of animal origin rich in saturated fats (such as fatty cheeses and sausages), sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages, canned foods, ultra-processed industrial products (e.g. packaged snacks, potato chips) rich in refined sugars, fats and salt »concludes the expert.

    In general, therefore, a healthy diet consists in acquiring and practicing small but good habits. These include the awareness of what you are buying and consequently knowing how to choose the foods that help us feel good on a psycho-physical level.

    In addition, let's not forget to combine regular physical activity with a balanced diet. In fact, sport sets the whole body in motion, helps burn excess calories and also has positive effects on mood.

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