Tips for a healthy diet for those fighting breast cancer

Tips for a healthy diet for those fighting breast cancer

Diet can have an impact on both pathology and quality of life: whole foods, low sugars, legumes and fresh and dried fruit. These are foods that can help limit the progression of the disease or mitigate the side effects of therapies

It doesn't take much: pay attention when buying, make simple preparations, remember the positive role of whole foods and legumes as well as fruit and vegetables, control weight. These are the secrets of the recipe book "It's time to live … in the kitchen!", Created by food blogger Chiara Maci and by the Biologist and Nutritionist of the National Cancer Institute of Milan Anna Villarini, which reveals the "secrets" to eat well.

How important is what we eat

For women with breast cancer, even more so if this is at an advanced stage and has already caused metastases, nutrition can have an impact both on the disease and also and above all on the quality of life. "More and more studies tell us that nutrition has an important impact on the quality of life of those with cancer and that it can even affect the progression of the disease or mitigate the side effects of therapies" – explains Villarini. “In this sense, the cookbook was born from the imagination of Chiara Maci and still allows you to learn and prepare simple recipes, such as that of couscous, which is extremely easy and healthy. In general terms, for those who are faced with this condition, some aspects not to be forgotten are fundamental: first of all, it is necessary to focus on vegetables, then it is always advisable to switch to whole foods, without forgetting the importance of fresh and especially dried fruit. Foods of this type should be put on the table every day. on the protein front, then, it is important to remember the importance of legumes, which, however, do not necessarily have to be offered daily. There are situations – for example after chemotherapy that can somehow affect the intestinal mucosa – in which abdominal swelling and similar discomfort can appear more frequently. For this reason, even if it is important to consume this category of foods, it is necessary to gradually adapt to their intake ".

As for the dietary principles to be taken in moderation, Villarini recalls the importance of controlling the intake of simple sugars, which should be limited to a minimum. The reason? they can be a real "food" for cancer cells, which are "greedy".

"Smart" shopping tips

Read the labels carefully. Here is the key advice for those who shop. "If possible – the expert warns – focus on foods that limit additives, preservatives and the like to a minimum, looking for fresh foods or foods without special additions. This is the key rule when it comes to shopping. "

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