Tips for hairstyles: the move fold

Tips for hairstyles: the move fold

Move fold: discovering some useful tips to give your hair a touch of vitality through simple do-it-yourself remedies

The move fold is one of the varieties of hairstyles most appreciated by women. Every now and then you feel the need to change your look, experimenting with new hairstyles that allow you to feel more beautiful with a touch of extra charm. However, it is not always easy to make original hairstyles and this leads many women to turn to expert hairdressers. This does not mean that with a little patience it is possible to put into practice some very simple DIY methods in your own home to obtain the same results and change your style. Just follow the simple and useful precautions and you're done. On the other hand, sometimes it becomes really necessary to revive one's own hair to keep up with today's trends. There are many women who wonder if it is possible to keep the perfect fold every day without contacting a hairdresser. Yes, through simple tricks it is possible to achieve the perfect hairstyle. All that remains is to remove all doubt and experiment with new hairstyles. The morning is one of the worst moments for every woman, since upon awakening the hair can be particularly messy.

This becomes a real torment, especially when you have very little time to prepare. But even at the end of a tiring day, hair can become a real problem. Unfortunately not all of them have the possibility to go to a hairdresser from week to week. So all that remains is to rely on simple tricks to give life to the desired hairstyle and get a flawless look in just a few moves. Furthermore, taking care of hair can take a long time. Shampoo, conditioner, dryer and the hair always looks messy. This is not enough, so it becomes essential to resort to some original ideas to give life to a hairstyle that allows you to keep the hair sorted throughout the day. One of the most appreciated effects is the smooth fold, as it gives naturalness and charm to the hair and is also perfect as an evening hairstyle. In order to achieve this hairstyle, however, it is necessary to find out in detail the appropriate requirements and procedures. It will be enough just to make the fold move and get a shiny and impeccable hair.

First of all it is necessary to have available about ten tights, which will then be cut, about 10 pegs, a spray with a shiny effect and a mousse with a restructuring action. The latter, in particular, is essential to obtain the desired effect. In reality, the basic tool for making the fold is the pantyhose. Once you have several pairs available, you need to cut out the part of the bust and the foot. If you don't have long hair, a dozen tights will suffice. If, on the other hand, the hair is long enough, it will take about 20 or 25. For long hair, 30 or 35. Now we need to divide the hair into several strands, making sure that the latter are the same depending on the number of tights that will be applied. Once the hair is well dry, apply the restructuring product on the locks in order to fix them properly. Now it is necessary to insert the lock inside the pantyhose and check that it is well extended along its entire length. The stocking and hair must be kept at the end, carefully pulling up to the final point of the tights and then gradually releasing it. With this simple step, you will immediately notice that the waves you want will begin to form in a completely natural way, giving life to the hairstyle of the fold.

However, it is important to follow this last step with the right care, since the length of the locks must match perfectly with that of the tights. So it is advisable to be very careful when you go to insert the locks inside the stockings, so that the next step guarantees the right effectiveness. At this point it is necessary to proceed with caution: take the sock with the lock of hair inside and fold it over itself. Take care to fix it with a clothespin, so that it remains stable. Repeat this step over the entire crown. Then leave it on for about fifteen minutes, preferably under a heat source, remove the clips and finally remove the tights from the locks. Finally apply a spray with a polishing effect and you're done. In a few simple steps, you will have obtained the move fold. It is advisable to move your hair with your fingers to make them more voluminous and give a natural effect.

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