Tips for losing weight naturally

Tips for losing weight naturally

Here are some tips to lose weight naturally and gradually, while staying in touch with yourself


  • What it means to lose weight naturally
  • 7 tips
  • Two natural allies: honey and apple cider vinegar

What it means to lose weight naturally

Losing weight naturally means first of all not forcing yourself with absurd diets that maybe even put the kidneys under stress, creating a fair amount of damage that is affected over time. It also means not going towards fasting or suddenly increasing the protein intake but trying to have a balanced diet without skipping meals and pondering how much we actually move during the day and what type of training we do. An endurance sport requires a different diet than a sport that is practiced mainly with the aim of developing strength.

Taking these factors into account allows you to lose weight, obtaining results that last over time, which do not "devour" the muscle mass or create skin blemishes. Obviously, sport must be practiced together with a correct diet; a low intensity and long duration aerobic activity (fast walking, treadmill, exercise bike, etc.) should be combined with a power activity (weights, tools or free body) in order to burn calories and tone muscle mass.

7 tips

Let's see together 7 useful tips to lose weight naturally and to avoid getting it back. These are small tricks that change the whole perspective on how we perceive ourselves and how we live our body:

Focus on breathing

Often, hunger pangs are a reflection of a mental and psychological state characterized by discomfort or an underlying problem. It must be borne in mind that even when we pretend that everything is going for the best in fact it could happen that we are holding back and venting into food. To bring presence and self-control (not excessive but balanced) we can focus on breathing at any time. Maintaining a long and deep breathing allows us to stay in contact with our essence, our sense of hunger or thirst.

Say it as it is

Holding on to words accumulates and this also applies to weight. You shouldn't hold on to what you feel and you shouldn't upset your rhythms for other people. Thinking too much makes you mull over and does not allow you to release tension. It tends to accumulate and tension therefore it becomes easy to retain water and stress the cells, with consequences on weight. Being yourself means staying active and carrying out your essence in the right way.

The anxiety of being seen

Very often behind the accumulation of fat there is a real anxiety to be seen, to know if we are considered. They can hide behind the weight of emotional wounds given by parents or childhood episodes and psychological support or family constellations can help a lot to understand each other better. Rediscovering your own worth means keeping up with yourself and not considering the way others see us too important.

To sleep

It's okay to be active, it's okay to resume running or walking at a brisk pace or going to the gym or courses of various kinds but another really fundamental factor is rest. If you do not rest well and at the right hours for the internal organs, you risk compromising the building of muscle mass and also affect the balance between lean mass and fat. It could be safely said that the more you sleep, the more you lose weight. When you sleep, the synthesis of leptin, the satiety hormone, increases, and ghrelin, the hormone that instead stimulates appetite, decreases. If you rest, then the stop appetite sign comes at the best time. Of course, the rest time varies from person to person but you should keep a rhythm of at least 7 hours of sleep.

Get excited

Try to do things you enjoy, to find the right balance between things to do and what you deserve when you want to feel good. Forbidding a trip to a country you've never seen before or an ice cream or a meal at a restaurant makes no sense. Always remember to choose friendships that please you or even to enjoy your time alone. Emotions make you feel alive and you should try to go towards those that raise joy and lightness in every sense. Even the scale gives you less heavy results if you travel on waves of emotional lightness. Dedicate yourself to a form of art, be it theater, painting, dance, etc.

Watch out for sweets

It does not mean that you absolutely must forbid that cookie or that slice of cake, but simply observe at what time you are consuming it and what dominant emotion you have in your heart. If you take refuge on sweets for sweetness, take a foot bath, pamper yourself with oil to spread all over your body and treat yourself to something you like. Sometimes the dessert is at the end of dinner, when it would be better to choose to eat it at the end of lunch. All the sugars we consume after 6 pm tend to create an accumulation of fat and are disposed of slowly, as well as slowing down the entire physiological rhythm of the body.

Two natural allies: honey and apple cider vinegar

There are two fundamental allies in our kitchens that can help us lose weight in an important way. The first protagonist? Apple cider vinegar. Contains lots of vitamins and minerals and dissolves fat deposits in an important way. If the taste does not disturb it, it should be taken in warm water in the morning and mixed with another great ally of natural health, raw honey. If this drink is prepared and ingested half an hour before breakfast, you go to wake up naturally. Honey also creates an excellent combination with lemon juice and hot or lukewarm water; this drink should be sipped throughout the day and returns a lot of energy as well as burning a lot of calories. You can indulge yourself in choosing the honey you love; that of chestnut has a lot of iron and antioxidants, that of acacia increases energy levels and strengthens the immune system, that of eucalyptus helps the respiratory and urinary tract and honeydew honey is an excellent natural antibacterial.

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