Tips to wear gray hair naturally

Tips to wear gray hair naturally

White hair is no longer a thing for older women. Here’s how to enhance them

The appearance of the first white hair, for every woman, represents a small tragedy. After the first shocking moments, a long process of refusal begins that rocks towards acceptance and then inexorably falls back towards the spasmodic search for a solution, such as the tint. But be careful: from the first color you never go back, and month after month you find yourself forced to run for cover when regrowth appears, so evident when it comes to white hair!

And yet, we know well that it is possible to come to terms with your own white hair, finding the way to love them madly and accept them in their splendid candor, being careful to take care of them in the best way. To learn more, keep reading this Tipsforwomens guide that will teach you not only to accept the appearance of white hair with serenity, but also to make it glamorous and simply irresistible.

Natural white hair: how to wear it

No use denying it or turning around: dyeing your hair every month is a real slavery! Especially when it comes to white hair, the fact of wanting to hide and conceal it can really become an obsession. This is why more and more women, in a growing percentage, have begun to accept and serenely welcome the appearance of white hair and – unlike the past – exalt them with small changes in look and fashion.

A choice that rewards being natural and that does not only concern women over 60, but that also involves very young women. Indeed, among the under-25s, the fashion of silver hair has broken out, silver-gray hair, which is dyed with this color on the will of the new fashion dictates. But let’s go in order, and see how it is possible to “play” with your candid hair and discover yourself as feminine and beautiful.

The best cuts for white hair

White hair or gray hair adapts to different types of cut, which enhance and underline the personality of the owner. Depending on the shape of the face and features, white hair can be worn with cuts at the ends: very short or long. A short and jaunty cut will tend to rejuvenate the whole face, but being careful to make it well defined and not too scaled – especially if the face has more than one rocket.

For those who still have a hippie spirit, bohemian and a bit of a dreamer, we recommend leaving long hair – as long as they are not worn and damaged, but always gathered in an elegant braid or a refined chignon. Then banish the hair “melted in the wind”, which does not fit a lady.

What makeup to combine with white hair

What does white-haired make-up have to do with? We immediately reveal the mystery: when we are young, it is the hair itself that attracts attention and takes the eyes of others away from a decidedly “soap and water” face, which can present imperfections and pimples. The white and gray hair, however, due to their particular color, tend to flap the figure a little, which in order to be cured and always in order needs small make-up tricks.

A touch of mascara, a little eye-liner or a pencil edge, and here everyone’s attention will focus on your magnetic eyes. To give more depth to the look, lightened by the white hair, you also take care of the eyebrows. Make up with a dark blonde or a dark chestnut.

Change hair, change fashion

Yes, by choosing to maintain your natural hair with white or gray hair, you need to review your wardrobe a little. The Arlecchino effect is best avoided: therefore, to the colors that are too bright or, in general, to eccentric and multi-chromatic colors. Instead, opt for strictly plain colors, perhaps with burgundy, black, brown or taupe. Does it seem a sad and restrictive choice? Absolutely not, because you can play with accessories. For a beautiful black dress or a midnight blue blouse, you can always combine a necklace with a fun and youthful color or a shocking pink, green or orange bag.

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