Tired of remembering your ex? Trust these methods

Tired of remembering your ex? Trust these methods

A moving company to eliminate all traces and a site where you can sell your items. Bye Bye ex boyfriend!

The end of a relationship is never an easy business to close. Beyond feelings, betrayals and broken hearts, on one side or the other, there are aspects related to "logistics" that turn into real hassle. Because it is true that pain must be faced and that the past must not be denied, but the truth is that what we want, when a love ends, is to close that chapter of our life as soon as possible.

And this becomes complicated when behind us there is a marriage, a cohabitation or a long relationship, a relationship that over the years has collected indelible memories, but above all more or less precious material objects to be divided between the parties or to be thrown away, for forget about it.

The truth is that after each story, at least for a first and initial period, the ghost of the ex tends to haunt us. And it does so not only in dreams, or in nightmares, but also in all those things scattered around the house and that we continue to find even after weeks and months.

And six in the first days after the breakup, that pajamas forgotten in that drawer, had now become for us a sort of fetish to numb the pain, after a while all those lost objects begin to annoy us more than anything else in the world. So what do you do?

The solution seems to come from the web, with all those sites where putting personal effects on sale, things bought together and even gifts becomes therapeutic, and even a little cynical (but who should we be accountable to?). We can sell all the things that he gave us, and that he has not recovered, on the Ex Boyfriend Jewelry site which lists, like any market place, a series of rings, bracelets and earrings given by exes.

Or on the Never liked it anyway portal (and no one will judge us). This bizarre online trading site is dedicated exclusively to all the ex-girlfriends who want to get rid, for good, of the objects of that broken relationship. And if selling makes us feel too much guilt, then we can give those items to charity and tell our version of the story, so as to be comforted and pampered by the portal users.

And it would certainly be nice if that Final Cut moving company from Vins Gallico's novel of the same name really existed. Because a simple purchase of that service would be enough to pick up and take away forever all the furnishings left around by the ex. But pending this, we can always resort to DIY methods.

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