Tisanoreica diet

Tisanoreica diet

Tisanoreica diet: what is it for and what are the suitable foods to follow this diet correctly? Here are all the necessary insights

The Tisanoreica diet has a specific menu and can bring numerous benefits. Gianluca Mech gave rise to this particularly well-known method, since it promotes weight loss without any need to make big sacrifices. In this way it is possible to follow a specific diet without any kind of stress. This feature makes the Tisanoreic diet one of the most common food regimes among all the movie stars. Therefore it is necessary to better understand all its potentialities and qualities or to understand if there are pros and cons. It is precisely a protein diet, completely free of carbohydrates, especially as regards the first period. At the same time it allows you to maintain the right level of protein within the body, satisfying the daily energy needs. Following this diet promotes faster weight loss than a low-calorie diet and at the same time follows a balanced and quality diet. But what exactly happens inside the body? The Tisanoreica diet acts mainly on the fat mass with the exception of the muscles, which are not affected.

It is precisely this phenomenon that promotes the maintenance of healthy weight. However, one very important factor must be taken into consideration, namely that the Tisanoreic diet can only be followed for a limited period of time which generally includes 20 or 40 days. It is also necessary to undergo a check from your doctor or an expert who can follow all this path. Alternatively, you can also opt for a Tisanoreica center. It is therefore necessary to be very careful, since without a medical consultation this diet could cause serious damage to the body. This diet is divided into two main phases and one of maintenance, useful to avoid recovering all the lost pounds. With the right perseverance and determination it is possible to lose about 8 kilos in 30, 40 days. It is therefore a real quick and effective method. The Tisanoreic diet involves the intake of tisanoreic portions based on specific foods. These are called PAT and are composed of foods containing amino acids accompanied by a substance called "activator".

The latter is composed of a mixture of plant extracts combined with ready-made dishes, capable of promoting the digestion process and the absorption of proteins by the body. All foods are rich in proteins of animal and vegetable origin and are free of both sugar and fat. This method therefore involves following a diet characterized by the consumption of vegetables and proteins without the intake of sugars and carbohydrates. It is precisely this aspect that favors the slimming effects in a very short time. In addition, the Tisanoreic diet promotes a sense of satiety, allowing you to better manage hunger attacks. In this way an individual who follows this diet tends to eat less without any kind of effort and obtains optimal results in a short time. The Tisanoreic diet and all its phases comprise a period of approximately 30.40 days, but not more.

Unlike other types of diets, this diet is based on specific preparations to be consumed during all phases. These foods must also be associated with drinks based on herbal extracts which prove to be a great help in favoring certain body functions. Their consumption in fact allows to regulate the intestine and at the same time ensures purifying and purifying properties for the body. During the first period, also called the "intensive phase" of the Tisanoreic diet, it is necessary to completely eliminate any carbohydrate-based food to lose weight. This means having lunch or dinner with lean meat or fish accompanied by portions of raw or cooked vegetables. The other foods, on the other hand, are tisanoreica preparations, or PAT foods. At this stage, legumes and dairy products are also banned exactly like carbohydrates. In the second phase, the tisanoreica preparations decrease and the carbohydrates are gradually integrated, preferring the whole ones. In the last phase, i.e. the maintenance phase, it is possible to return to following a healthy and balanced diet that involves the intake of all types of food. In this period, however, it is essential to calculate all the calories of each meal. The cost of this food program in the standard version ranges from 250 to 300 euros, while the cost of the intense 40-day program is around 650 euros.

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