Tiziano Ferro has become the father of Margherita and Andres: the announcement on Instagram

The singer and husband Victor Allen welcomed nine-month-old Margherita and four-month-old Andres into their family

Vip moms and dads of 2022

Vip moms and dads of 2022

There are emotions that are overwhelming, unique and precious, moments of joy that remain forever etched in the memory. And Tiziano Ferro wanted to share some of these rare moments with his fans. Because happiness is sometimes too great to keep it all to yourself. So he told it to the world: he and his partner Victor became parents of a boy and a girl.

A wonderful news that he shared on Instagram by publishing an exciting black and white shot that portrays all four of them together.

Tiziano Ferro, the post on Instagram with the announcement

A black and white photo in which his family is portrayed is the one that Tiziano Ferro published on his Instagram account. An image that conveys many feelings: joy, love, sharing. And then the words that the singer used to reveal these very special and unforgettable moments, those in which one becomes a parent. He and his partner became 9-month-old Margherita and 4-month-old Andres, and the emotion is great and beautiful.

“Two phone calls made me the happiest man in the world – he wrote -. The first a few months ago: a little girl. The second a few weeks later: this time a baby. I became a dad, and I want to introduce you to these two 9 and 4 month wonders. Margherita and Andres, your life has just begun. But also ours “.
Then the singer added: “For me and Victor the experience as a parent represents the highest of honors, the most demanding of burdens. Which we will face with love, attention, tenderness and dedication “.

Then Tiziano Ferro made an appeal to the confidentiality of his children: “We understand and accept the curiosity that reigns around us, but we ask you to respect the confidentiality of Margherita and Andres. We will take care of our children, protect them and guard their intimacy as best we can. It will be up to them alone to decide “when” – and above all “if” – to share the story of their life, it is right that they know it before the rest of the world. It is an unquestionable right.
Thanks for always love and understanding. We love you! T, V, M, A. “.

Beautiful words, intense and full of love, which tell of special and unforgettable moments: those that mark the birth of a family.

Tiziano Ferro, love with Victor Allen

A long love story links Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen. A relationship that has been enriched by very sweet gestures and important moments. One of these was the wedding celebrated in the summer of 2019. The first in great secret in Los Angeles, the second in Sabaudia.

The singer, always very reserved as regards the private sphere, at the time had told in an interview with Vanity Fair: “Marriage is a shocking thing. For Victor I make an exception. Because with marriage he becomes part of my family and this is a truth that cannot be ignored “. On the same occasion he had also unveiled the very romantic marriage proposal and that in the plans of the two there was also that of becoming parents. A dream that has now come true.

Tiziano Ferro family dad

Tiziano Ferro, the family photo with Victor, Margherita and Andres

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