Tiziano Ferro, the brave story: "I was an alcoholic"

Tiziano Ferro, il racconto coraggioso: “Ero un alcolista”

Sincere and courageous, Tiziano Ferro says he fought against alcohol addiction

Courageous and capable, like few others, of telling himself sincerely, Tiziano Ferro reveals the darkest and most difficult period of his life, the one in which he was an alcoholic. He does so in a docu-film, entitled Ferro, available on Prime Video, which has no celebratory intentions, but in which, with great frankness, he explains the difficult path that led him to be the man he is today. A journey marked not only by fame, but also by dark moments in which it hit rock bottom.

A battle, the one with alcohol, that Titian had never revealed and that he chose to tell in a letter published in 7, the Corriere della Sera magazine. “One night the band convinced me to drink – he recalled -. And from there I never stopped. I almost always drank alone, alcohol gave me the strength not to think about pain and sadness, but it made me want to die more and more often. I have lost opportunities and friends. I was an alcoholic! alcoholism watches you wither in solitude, while you smile in front of everyone ". A story, that of Ferro, very hard and sincere: “Alcoholic, bulimic, gay, depressed, famous. Even this, famous, seemed to me a defect, perhaps the worst ".

Despite the international success and enormous talent, Tiziano's life has never been easy, starting from his adolescence: "I was never the top of the class, I was anonymous, not handsome, not at all athletic, indeed fat, shy , the boys called me fat, sissy, loser – he recalled -. I was waiting for someone to step in to defend me, but it never happened. I lived perpetually frustrated, pissed off and even humiliated. Then I sang for the first time and the world changed. Music was the only thing I had, a channel to express myself in a world in which I did not recognize myself ".

The singer, who now lives in Los Angeles and is married to Victor Allen, explained that he felt the need to tell his fans everything: "I always thought that behind every story of pain there was the privilege and moral duty to be able to help someone else – said Tiziano Ferro -. My story teaches me this and every time I've handed people my scars, they've always turned into solutions. This is iron for me, another piece in the light of my 40 years. A little history, a little diary, a little therapy, a little testament. Certainly the celebration of a dream ”.

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