To look taller with your office looks, all you need is pants!

Do you want to look taller when wearing your office looks? You can do it, only if you know how to create the right combinations and use the right pants! Let’s find out all the style secrets here on CheDonna!

Creating looks to go to work in the office is always very difficult, because you have to find the right middle ground between classicism, comfort and maybe add a pinch of trend. Because if we spend our working day behind a desk we have to find our own style of clothing, which is suitable for the workplace but which makes us feel ourselves. In addition, we can also make sure that our look enhances our physicality! For example, do you want to create a perfect outfit for the office but that makes you look taller? You are on the right style guide!

look taller

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Dressing in fashion is fun. Knowing how to dress well is an art. Exactly, because we often find ourselves using the fashions of the moment in our everyday looks without asking ourselves whether that particular trend enhances us or not.

The secret to be true fashion lovers is not to copy the trends of the moment to the letter, but choose those who can enhance our physicality and that they are in line with our personal style.

Let’s think, for example, of office looks. We wake up early in the morning and decide what outfit to wear. We must be able to create a look that is comfortable but formal, trendy but not too particular, and maybe that looks good on us. It is not really the easiest thing to do, and we are often not 100% convinced of our look.

From today you will no longer have these problems, because in this branded style guide CheWoman we will see how to create an office look that makes you look taller starting from a model of trousers!

To look taller you just need the right trousers: the high-waisted one in the palace!

Today we will see the ways of using the high-waisted palazzo trousers. It will be the trousers that you will love to madness, because once worn you will never be able to do without it!

look taller

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see because the high-waisted palazzo trousers will become our best friend:

  • literally suits all physicalities. It creates or enhances the waistline and does not emphasize the belly and hips.
  • the fact of being high-waisted and showing a very wide leg optically gives the elongated effect to the wearer.
  • it is elegant but casual at the same time. Perfect for a day of work and for an aperitif with friends immediately after.
  • Now that we’ve seen three good reasons to wear high-waisted palazzo pants, we have to create the looks:

    • soft blouse and palazz trouserso: a spring look, classic and at the same comfortable for the office is that consisting of a soft blouse worn inside our beloved high-waisted palazzo trousers. To close with a ballerina or a moccasin.
    • blazer, t-shirt and trousers: if our look is more casual then we will have to wear a blue blazer jacket, white and blue striped cotton t-shirt, high-waisted colonial-colored palazzo trousers and white sneakers.
    • crop top and pants: if instead we want to wear our palazzo trousers for a dinner we can do it by combining it with a crop top and a leather jacket. To be closed with an ankle boot with a heel and you will be perfect for the whole evening! By the way, do you want to be trendy in spring? Then create your big babol pink looks!

    Look taller

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    Even for today the license plate style guide ends here CheWoman which featured the palazzo trousers and all the secrets to look taller with our look!

    See you at the next style guide, to stay updated on all the news in terms of fashion, and more!

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