To lose weight forget you’re on a diet: the three mantras


Only the idea of ​​”diet” Do you get tired for fear of giving up too many? When you’re at the table, don’t think that you’re on a snack, but only that you’re eating healthy: to do this, follow the three tips from Stephanie Ortensisport and wellness psychologist, which you can find below.

«Eating in a balanced way gives the perception of take care of yourself, to put the body (which is our home) in first place, makes you understand how important,” explains the psychologist. «You also feel clearer, more vital, lighter. With all these psychophysical benefits, we put into practice what in psychology is called “positive reinforcement”: looking for what makes you feel good”.

The effect? Improve your relationship with your body increases self-esteem and self-confidence. Basically, if you adopt a healthy diet you create the mental conditions to lose the extra pounds. “There is now various scientific evidence that demonstrates the correlation between what we eat and the mind,” continues the doctor. «In particular, a study by the Australian university, Deakin University, demonstrates the influence of a correct diet on the psyche: protects against depression and improves mood». And when you’re serene and upbeat, you don’t “throw” yourself on food!

The 3 mantras to live the diet well

1. Replace the word “must” with the word “I want”. Every morning repeat these three sentences: “I want to take care of myself”; “I want to think about myself”; “I want to become the person I want to be”. You will emphasize your self-determination: you are in control of your behavior.

2. Healthy eating shouldn’t be an obligation: allow yourself some “wild card” moments in which it is possible to go astray. Enter the perspective that there are no forbidden foods, but everything can be eaten if well balanced. This helps you not to perceive the sense of deprivation of the tastiest foods which, when cornered, could make you abandon your diet.

3. If your new diet doesn’t convince you or you don’t perceive the benefits you had planned, don’t be afraid to change register. There are many healthy eating styles among which you can range: having the freedom of choice makes you better master the situation and makes you feel you are in charge, not subjected to external impositions.