To love unconditionally does not mean to accept everything

To love unconditionally does not mean to accept everything

Love is a way of life, it is leaving the other free but keeping it in the heart

Loving is one of the most beautiful and strong emotions that any of us can experience. But what is unconditional love?

Gibran wrote "gives nothing except himself, and captures nothing except from himself. Love does not possess, nor would it want to be possessed, because love is enough for love ".

Love is not just an emotion, it is something deeper, it is a way of living, acting and thinking. When we think of the people we love, automatically we are reminded of a series of gestures and actions we perform towards them.

To really love someone means accepting him as he is, forgiving his mistakes, respecting him, helping him in times of need and making him feel our presence. This is Love.

Love knows no excuses and we don't always get what we want, but we can still love someone even if our love is not reciprocated. This is what is meant by unconditional love.

To love unconditionally means leaving him free, giving him his own space. We cannot force a person to love us and we cannot even go beyond the boundaries expressing our love.

We must connect with the soul of the person we love but, even if we love it unconditionally, it does not mean that we must accept and endure toxic behavior that hurts us.

It takes courage to open our hearts to love and to love someone. It takes even more to love unconditionally. Unconditional love does not admit "if" and "but", it wants nothing in return.

To really love someone means to desire his happiness, even if his path is different from ours. It means wanting the best for the other and giving it a place in our hearts, so that we remain as a friend, son, partner, mother or brother. To love is to know that in the heart of those we love, there is a special place for us.

Unconditional love is a selfless feeling and comes from the desire to give oneself from the bottom of one's heart. It requires maturity, trust and courage. But in the world there is nothing that makes one feel so good as giving love.

Know how to distinguish it and recognize it and then give yourself. Only then can you say that you have really loved.

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