Tocca-Todaro, Bianca Guaccero criticizes Valentin after his farewell

After the farewell between Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro, Bianca Guaccero criticizes Valentin's behavior

Bianca Guaccero intervenes to defend Francesca Tocca after the farewell to Raimondo Todaro and the revelations about Valentin. The conductor of Pronto Detto Fatto has a special bond with the dancer of Dancing with the Stars and a few weeks ago she had already chosen to comment, during a live Instagram, the farewell between Tocca and Todaro.

During a new episode of Pronto Detto Fatto, Bianca returned to the topic. Faced with Jonathan's questions about the gossip of the moment, which involved Dancing and Friends 2020, the presenter has not backed down. According to Guaccero, Valentin would not have done well. In fact, the dancer chose to reveal the love story with Francesca, saying that she would have been looking for him.

“I am telling you this with a lot of honesty: I didn't know all these background – revealed the presenter -. The only thing I hear is that you need to have the right protection for this story. Valentin was not to put into the square the dynamics that only those directly concerned knew. I would have avoided saying 'she wrote me first' ".

"Nobody can judge on a couple's relationship," concluded Bianca Guaccero. Valentin in fact, after telling the relationship with Tocca, revealed that he left her because of his family. Francesca is not only married to Todaro for over ten years, but the two also have a daughter: Jasmine.

Jonathan Kashanian also intervened on the issue, who recalled Valentin's quarrel at Amici 2020 with Maria De Filippi. After a very hard fight, in fact, the landlady invited the dancer to leave the show. "He made a fool, however – he said -. He misbehaved live. Maria said: 'This is the door and you can go from there.' "

Raimondo has not commented on the story and on Instagram he seems focused exclusively on his work and on his daughter Jasmine. Even Francesca Tocca, after some posts – never explicit – decided to definitely turn the page. After the revelations about the relationship with the dancer, however, Valentin deleted everything and blocked the comments on his profile.

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