“Today I'm buying flowers for Laurina” Vasco's dedication to his great love


Vasco Rossi wishes his wife Laura, who has been with him for over 30 years. "Even today, every time I look at it I feel a great sense of love"

Vasco Rossi, the women who inspired his songs

"Laura is expecting a child for Christmas" sang Vasco in 1988, dedicating it to the woman he had met a year earlier and had made him want to start a family for the first time. She was Laura Schmidt, born in Milan to a German father, introduced to Vasco by her great friend Massimo Riva, aged only 17. Their relationship was immediately something scandalous (he was twice as old), but in 1991 Laura had really given a son to the rock star, Luca, the first one sought, not by chance, as for Lorenzo and Davide. Today, 33 years later, Vasco "every time he looks at her he still feels a great sense of love" and on Instagram he makes a very sweet dedication to her on her birthday.

Next to their photo collage, the rocker writes:

Today I'm going to buy some flowers😉
For Laurina …
Because it's her birthday 🎂🥳🤩🥳😍

“Did I understand that Laura was perfect for me? When I realized I could watch TV with her sitting next to me. I had never been able to do it with anyone because I didn't feel free to change the channel whenever I wanted. With Laura, no: I don't give a damn about doing it because I know she doesn't give a damn about me doing it "he tells the journalist who met him in his house in Zocca" Luca was born from our love in 1991. She wanted it and so did I. Since I had become a father twice without asking, I wanted to try starting a family. For someone like me it was the most unconventional and reckless choice: a challenge. ".
Even today their relationship does not seem to have problems, and shamelessly the man with a reckless life says "Even today, every time I look at his face I immediately feel a great sense of love".

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