Today is another day, Asia Argento: "My mother beat me"

Today is another day, Asia Argento: "My mother beat me"

Asia Argento, guest at "Today is another day", tells of the violence suffered by her mother during her childhood

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During the new appointment with Today is another day, the afternoon show hosted by Serena Bortone, we got to know Asia Argento better. In the sitting room of Rai1, the actress talked about herself in the round, addressing difficult and painful issues such as the violence suffered by her mother and drug abuse.

As she herself described well in her recent autobiographical book, Asia Argento lived a very turbulent childhood. She was still a child when, on the one hand, her career began and, on the other, she began to suffer violence in the family. "My mother used to hit me" – she revealed to Serena Bortone's microphones, talking about beatings such as kicks in the belly. Terrible memories to face, with which, however, the actress has now made peace.

“When I was kicked out of my home at 9, by both mum and dad, if I hadn't learned to love me and have an incredible survival instinct I wouldn't have gone on” – confessed Asia. His pain had buried him inside himself: "I was a little anesthetized, I hardly experienced suffering, only with my best friend. It was something I kept to myself ”.

Over time, however, Argento managed to understand what was behind those violence, and also to forgive her mother, the great actress Daria Nicolodi: “I was the strongest of the sisters and she only took it out on me. I had to become the strongest one, and in a way I thank her. I think she felt guilty and I completely forgave her ".

Her ransom came when she became Anna Lou's mother, and she understood how it was impossible for her to harm a defenseless creature: "So I broke the chain of violence". It was at that point that Asia Argento got close to her mother, who in turn learned to be a good grandmother. A few months ago, Daria Nicolodi passed away and for her daughter it was a tragic event: "I'm trying to make my mother's death less traumatic for me, suddenly I was responsible for her".

The actress then faced another difficult chapter in her life, that of drug abuse during adolescence. Daughter of separated parents, at the time she lived with her father Dario Argento, who was often employed abroad for work: "As a young girl I had enormous freedom, no one supervised me. And at raves I was like Alice in Wonderland, with all those psychedelic drugs. "

Asia Argento told how, in the period between 14 and 16 years, she abused drugs: “I used them because I had huge voids inside that I didn't know how to fill. Whatever took me out of my fears, my sadness, my depression, I used it ”. Only later did he understand the devastating effects of drugs, and today he puts all of himself in an attempt to make his children aware of the importance of staying away from these substances: "I have told my children everything honestly, so that they can understand that it's really dangerous ”.

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