Today is another day, Barbara Bouchet confesses about children, loves and the difficult past

Barbara Bouchet, guest at "Today is another day", tells of her difficult childhood and her great loves

During the daily appointment with Today is another day, the presenter Serena Bortone welcomed the splendid Barbara Bouchet into the studio, who talked about herself with her heart in hand. Back from a difficult experience in Dancing with the Stars, the diva is back to talk about her difficult childhood and her great loves.

"I put myself in the game to show women my age that we can do this show, we can dance" – revealed Bouchet, speaking of her short journey in Dancing – "I worked hard, but I was thrown out at second episode. But I won a great race with myself “. Milly Carlucci's show marked the return to the small screen of the great actress, who on the microphones of Today is another day briefly retraced her long-lived and brilliant career.

Born in 1943 in a town now belonging to the Czech Republic, but at the time under the administration of Germany, Barbara Bouchet lived through difficult years as a child. After the war ended, her family was displaced and later moved to the United States. "My mom went to a clairvoyant, and when she came out she said 'This little girl will cross the great sea'. When a German family from our country emigrated to America she said: 'Please, I must come too, find someone to let us come' ".

Arriving in California, Bouchet – she was just 12 – found herself picking cotton for two years with her parents, to repay the debt to those who had welcomed her family. A very tough period, but Barbara soon found her redemption, and with her arrival in San Francisco she slowly made her way to the golden world of Hollywood.

In the States he also found his first loves: the relationship with Steve McQueen ("Every morning his friends arrived with the motorcycles, they settled at our house and I had to stay in the kitchen making eggs with bacon and potatoes"), story with Omar Sharif and finally, landing in Italy, the marriage with Luigi Borghese. “I stayed close to him until the end, even though we no longer lived together” – revealed Barbara Bouchet.

From their great love two children were born: Alessandro Borghese, well-known chef and TV personality, and Massimiliano Borghese. By now they are all gone, as the actress explained at the opening of the episode: "When the kids were little, I loved to decorate the house for Christmas, but now I live alone and they are far away".

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