Today is another day, Carla Fracci and Beppe Menegatti tell each other

Carla Fracci Beppe Menegatti

Carla Fracci and Beppe Menegatti tell Serena Bortone about their first meeting at the Teatro alla Scala and the secret of the great ballerina's white looks

Carla Fracci, Serena Bortone's guest at Today is another day, tells about her life, dance as a way of being, her great partner dancers, first of all Rudy, as she calls him, that is Rudolf Nureyev, but not only . And love for her husband Beppe Menegatti, who has been by her side since 1964.

Carla Fracci enters the ballet school of the Teatro alla Scala in 1946, she is taken – she explains – because she has “a nice faccin”, a beautiful face in Milanese. To see potential in her is Ettorina Mazzucchelli, one of the greatest Italian dance teachers. And judging from how things went, the intuition was more than founded.

While Carla Fracci tells of the ballets and the great sorrow in seeing the Italian dance companies dissolve, her husband Beppe Menegatti, born in 1920, appears at her side, complete with a mask that he takes off only to appear in connection with Today is another day.

The couple, sitting in the living room, decorated for Christmas, is still after so many years – Carla and Beppe got married in 1964 – they are more united than ever and when Serena Bortone asks what it's like to live together after all this time, Menegatti and Fracci agree: "We still fight".

The two remember their first meeting, obviously in the La Scala ballroom. Menegatti was assistant to Luchino Visconti who was preparing the ballet, Mario and the magician, based on an opera by Thomas Mann. The director with the experts enters the room, to close the procession together with Beppe is Lila De Nobili, a famous costume designer, who notices a young dancer sitting on the ground intent on sewing up the red leggings – Fracci specifies – and turning to Visconti says : “This little girl here” could be the dancer. It was 1955, Menegatti laid his eyes for the first time on the companion of his life and he discovered Carla Fracci.

The presenter at this point asks if it was a "love at first sight". Menegatti hesitates, but Fracci intervenes promptly and denies: "He was engaged". But by now the spark was lit and the two got married in 1964. Francesco was born from their love and it is precisely from the moment of sweet expectation that the étoile began to dress in white.

Fracci explains that during her pregnancy she used slightly loose clothing in white muslin, because she experienced the sweet expectation as a private moment and throws a dig at those who today flaunt the belly. Since then, and more than 50 years have passed, Menegatti points out, Carla wears only white.

It is not the first time that Fracci and her husband have told of their marriage that has lasted for 56 years. Guests last summer in the Diaco program, you and I, they retraced their love story.

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