Today is another day, Carlo Conti on hospitalization: "It was difficult"


Carlo Conti talks about his experience in the hospital during a live link with "Today is another day"

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Last week Carlo Conti returned home after a few days of hospitalization, following the complications arising from the Coronavirus. Now he talks about that difficult moment in his life on the microphones of Oggi è Another day, in video link with Serena Bortone.

His experience, although it ended in a positive way, deeply disturbed him: Carlo Conti, guest of the Rai1 show, told what happened to him over the last few weeks, since he received the – positive – result of the swab that started its quarantine. The host of Tale and Which Show began with a joke: “Today is another day towards recovery” – he explained, referring to the title of Bortone's program. And so he revealed that he is now about to get out of a situation that has prostrated him.

Carlo Conti discovered he had contracted Covid at the end of October, announcing the news to his fans with a post on Instagram in which he explained that he was asymptomatic. Unfortunately, however, the disease soon manifested itself and the conductor, due to fever and a principle of pneumonia, was hospitalized as a precaution. He spent a week there, during which he was carefully followed by the staff of the Careggi in Florence, and finally returned home to his family.

“It was an intense, difficult and particular week. The thought went constantly to my wife and son at home, in the hope that they were not positive. The greatest joy was when the news arrived that their tampon was negative "- confessed Carlo -" I was pampered by a series of attentions from doctors, nurses and health workers who work with great dedication. Their work is a mission “.

The conductor then revealed what his strength was during hospitalization: "Patience was the most important thing, I waited knowing that the only thing I could do was get treated, entrust myself to the doctors and hope that my body could do it ". And in the end he did it, returning home after a week, even ready to conduct a new episode of Tale and Which Show – in video link of course.

Finally, before leaving the show, Conti wanted to send an important message: “Don't mess with this virus, regardless of how it takes you. It is something that must see us truly united. I was very attentive, despite this I got infected and I did not understand how, nobody had it next to me. So it can really hit anyone “.

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