Today is another day: Catherine Spaak, the separation and the relationship with the children

Serena Bortone's guest at "Today is another day", the film diva talked about her loves and her relationship with her children

Catherine Spaak, one of the divas of Italian and international cinema, was a guest in Serena Bortone's living room in the Today is another day program. The actress retraced the salient stages of her long career, but also talked about her loves and the relationship with her children.

Spaak began her story by mentioning the cerebral hemorrhage that hit her about a year ago, also talking about the rehabilitation process during which she never had a moment of giving up: "Nobody should be ashamed of having a illness, these are events that can happen to everyone and which can be spoken about serenely ". And then he wanted to send a message: "Hurry to kiss and thank whoever you want!".

After retracing her career, made up of great successes and important collaborations – just think of the films alongside Vittorio Gassman and Marcello Mastroianni, just to name a few – Spaak let herself go to some confession about her private life, also revealing the separation from her fourth husband, Vladimiro Tuselli: "I have been separated for two years, the past is distant and certain things no longer belong to me … I have won a freedom that I am not ready to give up".

“I should have listened to my father, who told me I shouldn't trust anyone. I have always trusted others, I was also a bit foolish in trusting too much, "she admitted to the presenter. While her profession as an actress has made her become an icon for her generation on the one hand, it has saved her from her shyness and naivety on the other.

Today the actress after four marriages has found her balance, alone: ​​"It is a moment in my life in which I am very happy. After the illness I put my priorities back in order, I gave the right value to things. At last there is me in first place. Before I wasn't there because I was shy, clumsy, I didn't have enough confidence in myself, I was a Red Cross nurse, which is a beautiful job but not in love ".

Then Catherine Spaak spoke about the relationship with her children Sabrina and Gabriele: "After my childhood in boarding school it was very difficult to find the emotional alphabet with my children. I have discovered that it is common, when you are famous, to cause problems for your children, because you think you are not up to par. I don't know what mother I was: I don't know how to cook, I don't make sweets and I don't wear aprons… It was certainly difficult for them to accept ”.

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