Today is another day, Clerici tells herself: the past and the relationship with her sister

Today is another day, Clerici tells herself: the past and the relationship with her sister

Antonella Clerici, guest at "Today is another day", takes a dip in the past and remembers her mother

Antonella Clerici: love, daughter, career

Serena Bortone is back with a new afternoon appointment Today is another day, dedicated as always to great guests of Italian television. Antonella Clerici, in video connection with the Rai1 show, told herself in the round and revealed some curious anecdotes about her past.

Intent on juggling her numerous television projects, Antonella Clerici spoke live shortly after finishing her daily engagement with È semper mezzogiorno, ready to give an interview full of surprises and unpublished details. Starting naturally from the success of his latest program, The Voice Senior: “For once we don't talk about the over 60s with pity, but instead as people who have character, personality, a life often lived to tell and nothing to lose. For the first time, they have a stage to show off their talent. But they have no ambitions, there is no after: there is only a here and now “. And this is undoubtedly the secret of a show that has already conquered the public.

Clerici then took a dip in the past, thanks to the images of her Legnano: here she was born and raised, and there are many memories that bind her to this town. For her it was the right opportunity to tell something more about her youth. "In Legnano I did the classical high school, then I went to live in Milan for the university. The classmates remained friends to whom I am very close, with some I did Law ". And about her wishes as a girl, she revealed: “I wanted to be a magistrate, a judge. I would have liked to have dealt with juvenile courts, with children, but then life chose for me ”.

A special place in her life is naturally dedicated to her sister: "Today she lives in Gorgonzola, is a psychotherapist and is the serious part of the family" – explained Antonella Clerici – "She is very critical of me, but in a constructive way" . The two women have built a strong bond since the early years of their lives, and although the host is older, she confessed that it is her sister who has always protected her. Together they dealt with the loss of their mother, who left them when she was 55. "At that time I thought: 'Thank goodness I have a sister'" – recalled Clerici.

Then retracing her career, between years spent in the kitchen of La Prova del Cuoco and the unforgettable participations in the Sanremo Festival, the presenter took the opportunity to launch a beautiful message, addressing the theme of bodyshaming that is never more felt than today. . “With all my imperfections, I've always liked me like this, with my shapes. I was proud of my being as I am, if you like me I am like that, I don't want to be different from what I am ".

Finally, Antonella Clerici recalled her first meeting with Vittorio Garrone, the man with whom she has shared her life for several years: "We met through a mutual friend, she always said we were made to be together, but I had never believed it. Then at some point we were both free and our friend organized a dinner. He told me he had love at first sight, it took him three months to win me over. He gave me an hourglass saying: 'All the time you need, I'll give it to you' ".

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