Today is another day, Elisa Isoardi talks about the special relationship with her mother Irma

Elisa Isoardi, guest at "Today is another day" with her mother, takes a dip in the past

Elisa Isoardi, her life after La Prova del Cuoco among recipes and friends

Elisa Isoardi has always been very attached to her origins: she often talks with nostalgia about her hometown and the family where she spent her wonderful childhood. Guest in the living room of Oggi is another day next to her mother Irma, the presenter lets herself go to sweet memories of the past.

Fresh from a fantastic adventure in Dancing with the Stars, Isoardi is preparing to spend a quiet Christmas in the company of a special woman. It is her mother Irma, who joined her in Rome to spend some time with her. The two are very close and have a truly unique complicity: to the microphones of Serena Bortone's show, they took the opportunity to tell something more about their relationship.

"My mother was a great mother and a great woman, very strict in some respects" – explained Elisa, recalling her childhood. When she was just 3 years old, her parents separated and her mother raised her alone, rolling up her sleeves. And she did an exceptional job, so much so that their relationship became something special: "Today she has become a friend, our union is based on complicity".

Together, Isoardi and her mother retraced some anecdotes from the past, such as the decision – taken by mutual agreement – to enroll Elisa in a boarding school run by the nuns. Moving very young to Rome, when she was just 16, the presenter has in fact gladly accepted the compromise proposed by her mother: the possibility of studying theater in a big city in the face of her stay in boarding school to finish high school.

But even before leaving the village, Irma always supported her daughter's ambitions, staying close to her during her first competitions: "I didn't make many sacrifices, I believed a lot in her and in what she wanted to do, so I went after her . But I don't consider this a sacrifice, I did it with my heart "- revealed Irma. Under his severity, therefore, hides a generous heart and an incredible love for his children.

"He always said to me: 'You are not beautiful, you are particular', and this sentence gave me so much strength. Because if you don't believe too much in your beauty, you focus on something else ”- Elisa Isoardi continued. And then she was moved by talking about grandmother Lucrezia, who suffers from Alzheimer's. A thought flies to her too, among the tears that Irma was unable to hold back.

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