Today is another day, Francesca Fialdini tells herself: "My heart is busy"

Francesca Fialdini

Francesca Fialdini, guest at "Today is another day", reveals something more about her love life

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

As usual, the appointment with Today is another day is renewed: the afternoon broadcast by Serena Bortone always welcomes very interesting guests in her studio, and this time it was the turn of the talented journalist and presenter Francesca Fialdini, who got unbalanced a little about his private life.

During the episode of Today is another day, the journalist talked about herself in the round. Always very attentive to her privacy, she revealed the reasons why she never liked to speak in public about her most intimate sphere: "Confidentiality is a form of love, it is a way to protect the people who do part of your life and have not chosen a public role like you. There is also a cultural fact, we have always been measured over time based on the type of partner we had alongside. But we are regardless of who we accompany us with. I am me, who I am with does not give me added value or take anything away from me ".

However, after carefully explaining the importance that being reserved has in her daily life, Francesca Fialdini unbuttoned herself a little, revealing some details about her private life: "My heart is busy. Actually my heart has always been very busy, I love so much and I'm so loved, but I'm also highly selective. In my life there are only people who show that they really want to be there ”.

Fialdini has long been linked to her partner, but on whose identity she has always preferred to keep the utmost confidentiality – although there has been much talk of a certain Milo, a dentist from Lecco. Furthermore, so far she has not had children: she herself, in other interviews, had addressed the issue by revealing that she felt a woman fully fulfilled even if she was unable to fulfill her desire for motherhood.

In the sitting room of the Bortone, then, the journalist retraced her career a bit and had the opportunity to relive some of the most exciting moments of her professional life. For example, the live phone call received from Pope Francis for the 30th anniversary of UnoMattina: "An incredible emotion still today, every time I see this moment again. Ten minutes earlier, the then director of Rai1 called us and told us that it could happen. And it actually happened. They were extraordinary moments “.

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