Today is another day, Laura Efrikian on the breakup with Morandi: "No one is at fault"

Today is another day, Laura Efrikian on the breakup with Morandi: "No one is at fault"

Laura Efrikian, guest at "Today is another day", returns to talk about her great love with Gianni Morandi

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We remember her, young and beautiful, as the "sweetheart of Italy": Laura Efrikian had a wonderful love story with Gianni Morandi when, both in their twenties, they had become one of the most loved couples in the world of entertainment. Serena Bortone's guest in the living room of Today is another day, Efrikian talks about herself in the round and reveals some more details about the end of the relationship with the singer.

At the turn of the 60s and 70s, Gianni Morandi was experiencing his golden age. At his side, an enchanting girl: Laura Efrikian had made thousands of Italians fall in love with him, the protagonist of many musicians who made history. The two got married in 1966 and lived a pure love, studded with joys and great pains. Like the death of their first child Serena, who lived only a few hours after giving birth. The arrival of the two children Marianna and Marco was never able to overcome the suffering for that tragic event, which perhaps marked the first step towards the end of the marriage.

To the microphones of Oggi is another day, the splendid Laura returns to talk about the divorce from Morandi: “Let's not talk about faults, nobody has faults. These are life events. When it comes to closure, it means that before we had asked ourselves many questions. When the questions were over, we shook hands and I left ”- explained Efrikian.

And about their beautiful relationship, she revealed: “We really loved each other, but the first love dries up quickly and I think that doesn't help. You are young and you live it with such passion and such enthusiasm … I gave up everything, even though I was an emerging actress. Then you grow up and you start asking yourself questions, you begin to understand that that blow of love was important but maybe it won't accompany you until the end of your days ".

But Laura Efrikian regrets nothing about the choices she made in her youth: leaving her job to devote herself entirely to her family then led her to have to give up any ambitions in the entertainment world, when she later decided to try again. “In Rai they no longer wanted me, because by now I was compromised as Morandi's wife” – he explained. And this is why, at forty, his second life began, marked only by his greatest passions.

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