Today is another day, Lino Banfi gets excited talking about his wife Lucia

Today is another day, Lino Banfi gets excited talking about his wife Lucia

Lino Banfi, guest at "Today is another day", spoke with great emotion of his love for his wife Lucia

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

We experienced moments of great emotion during the episode of Today is another day, the afternoon broadcast conducted by Serena Bortone. Guest in his sitting room, the beloved Lino Banfi: the actor, after retracing his career, let himself go to some memories of the past next to his wife Lucia and could not hold back the emotion.

At the microphones of the Rai1 show, the actor received many surprises. After a brief excursus of her success with A Doctor in the Family, Bortone connected live with Giulio Scarpati – the very famous Lele Martini of the TV series – to give Lino Banfi a great emotion. And again, in a second connection from the Teatro di Canosa di Puglia, right where he took his first steps, he had the opportunity to see his nephew Riccardo again and to enjoy the warmth of his fellow citizens who greeted him with huge applause.

But it wasn't just about his career. During the interview, Banfi took a dip in the past until his childhood, recalling the love of his family and the poverty against which his parents had to fight. To allow him to study, they had enrolled him in the seminary: "It helped me a lot, I didn't graduate, but I cultured myself in my own way." In fact, before enrolling in high school, Lino Banfi decided to follow his passion for acting and joined a theater company.

He was very young when he met his wife Lucia: he had not yet turned 16, and their love was born when Lino Banfi was not yet known. Yet that beautiful girl who made his heart beat faster has never abandoned him, even in the most difficult moments. "On two important occasions in our life you have taken a drastic decision" – he revealed to Bortone. "When I was young I said to her: 'Listen, I love you, but if we get married one day, I can't stay in Canosa'. She had a hairdressing shop, she was very good. I didn't think she was ready to leave everything, but she said to me: 'How are you, go? ".

Then, with tears in his eyes and his voice broken by emotion, Lino Banfi recounted the second episode in which his wife made a fundamental choice for their life: "The second time was much more drastic. It happened when I wanted to drop everything for a steady job, we had too much debt. I had burned my trunk and the posters of my show. The night before the interview for a job as a bank usher, we were in bed and couldn't sleep. She, wonderfully in love, told me: 'We will always have debts, keep doing the job you love, I don't want an unhappy husband next to me'.

Lino Banfi and Lucia Zagaria have been together for many years, and their love has overcome every obstacle. The last, the most difficult, is Alzheimer's: the actor's wife has been suffering from it for some time now, and is slowly erasing the memories of their life together. Yet, he has never given up and continues to remain next to the woman he has always loved.

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