Today is another day: live clash between Vittoria Schisano and Serena Bortone

Today is another day: live clash between Vittoria Schisano and Serena Bortone

Vittoria Schisano, guest of "Today is another day", had an argument with Serena Bortone live

Who is Vittoria Schisano, the competitor of Dancing with the Stars

Serena Bortone welcomed Vittoria Schisano, guest of her show Today is another day, into the studio for a long interview that touched on very delicate topics. But during the appointment, the actress was bothered by a clip, which triggered a live fight.

Vittoria Schisano, fresh from a wonderful experience in Dancing with the Stars, has never hesitated in telling her past and the difficult path that led her to be the splendid woman of today, a person finally resolved who has found her way , despite having to face numerous obstacles. He wants to be an example for the many who do not have the courage to live their life in the light of the sun, to fight to give voice to their most intimate truth. And in the sitting room of Today is another day she returned to talk about the long journey she has behind her.

The interview naturally addressed many other topics, including her wonderful relationship with Donato, the man Vittoria is deeply in love with. "I'm just waiting for him to kneel and ask me to marry him" – he revealed a few days ago, a guest on Domenica In. Immediately after talking about his partner, Schisano saw a clip that was not to her liking. It is an excerpt from the film Tutto Tutto Niente Niente, with Antonio Albanese, in which she plays a role she does not like to remember.

“It's something that bothers me, in all honesty. We talked about my partner, about my future: what need was there to put this clip on? " – said the actress – "I asked the author with whom I did the interview to go on, not to always remain in the role of Vittoria that was Giuseppe before, because we can't take it anymore". Bortone immediately took the defense of her staff, then explained that her intent was to relive the whole path of Schisano, addressing issues from her past, present and future: "I'm sorry you take it".

"I think this is television voyeurism" – the actress insisted, trying to make people understand the embarrassment felt in front of the film in question – "When you invite a person you have to put them at ease. It is a film that was made seven years ago, indeed Giuseppe did it with extensions, since we are aesthetically very different. I've made other films, I've won awards and I don't understand why to take that clip ”.

Serena Bortone therefore tried to close the topic: "This is a type of interview that I do with everyone, if you don't understand it I'm sorry, but it's not the case to attack the program for this". So he invited Schisano to go to the mirror, warning her however that even in that case they would talk about her past. Although in an atmosphere that is now a bit tense, the interview went on with many good memories of Vittoria's family, before the final greetings.

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