Today is another day, Luca Argentero dad: "Me, diaper change champion"

luca argentero

As a guest in the sitting room of the Bortone, the new father Luca Argentero reveals some very tender anecdotes

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, from meeting their daughter Nina on the set: the story of a love

The daily appointment is renewed with Today is another day, the lucky show by Serena Bortone. Among the many guests of the new episode, Luca Argentero also intervened: in a video link, the actor let himself go to make confessions about his private life.

On the occasion of the last episode of the fiction Doc – In your hands, which saw him as the protagonist, Luca Argentero told about his experience on the set and revealed some details about the highly anticipated second season (which, apparently, will be there). In fact, it was rumored that, in the new episodes, the Covid theme will be addressed: "It is a series that thrives on contemporaneity, so ignoring the topic would be wrong" – explained the actor – "I don't know how it will be treated, but I find it right to tell about it ”.

But the interview revealed some curiosities about Argentero's private life. In particular on his role as dad with little Nina Speranza, who in a few days will have her first 6 months of life: “Six months of insomnia” – revealed Luca, smiling. "But everything is going very well, indeed, I am almost happy to experience this moment of systemic slowness to enjoy my family more".

Serena Bortone, who has always promoted a vision of the family less permeated by stereotypes, wanted to know from the actor what his routine was with his little daughter. And so we discovered that Luca Argentero is a dad who has always been busy, since the first days after the birth of Nina: "I am European champion of diaper change and Italian vice champion of grated pear".

On the other hand, we had already understood that he was madly in love with his baby, admiring the beautiful photos he has posted on Instagram over the months, accompanied by beautiful words of love. His life, at the moment, is divided between his family and his other great passion, that for the land. Cristina Marino, his partner, had revealed Luca's new face precisely by showing us how the actor was involved in the garden during his free time.

"This is the season of pressing the olives, I made a very good oil" – he revealed to the microphones of Today is another day – "That of the earth is a passion inherited from the family, I care a lot". And before breaking the connection, Bortone poked around Argentero's love life, asking him about his marriage to Cristina: “Hopefully we'll get married soon, when we can have a party, because I like to celebrate. It would be nice to do it surrounded by a little affection ".

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