Today is another day, Mal and his partner Renata: a love lasting 32 years

Mal, guest at "Today is another day", tells of his love for Renata

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

Serena Bortone has decided to give her audience a big surprise: during the new episode of Today is another day, she welcomed Mal into the studio for a long interview during which she retraced her splendid career. Then, the singer indulged in some confession about his private life.

After singing one of her greatest hits, the beautiful song Occhi neri, conti neri, the artist faced a long and interesting chat with Serena Bortone, reliving the most beautiful moments of her professional life: her debut in England, the arrival in Italy and the fame gained during his career as a soloist, until his arrival on television. But when it came to talking about what was perhaps her most famous work, the theme song for the telefilm Furia, the presenter invited another guest into the studio.

We are talking about Renata, the woman who has been with Mal for 32 years. It was in fact that song that sealed their fate, as she herself had the opportunity to tell Today is another day. "It all started a bit for fun. I was in love with his blue eyes, I followed the TV series Furia with passion above all to hear the theme song "- confessed the singer's partner -" One evening I was having dinner in Treviso with some friends, who asked me to go and hear a Mal concert ". The owner of the venue where the artist performed had allowed Renata to visit him in the dressing room, and what happened later laid the foundations for an overwhelming love.

“Even though he denies it, that night he slammed me into the dressing room door and gave me a kiss. It was love at first sight ”- revealed the woman. Since then they have never left each other: "We have been together for 32 years, we have not married by choice and I do not miss it at all". From their union two boys were born, Kevin Paul (1998) and Karen Art (2002), who according to the words of mother Renata are two real jewels: “Everyone says they are beautiful like their father”.

In a video message that the children wanted to send to their father, Kevin and Karen said they had some communication problems with him. "It's difficult with children, they have an age where I can't say anything, they want to be independent" – admitted Mal – "so sometimes I get nervous when they choose what to do". Neither boy followed in his father's footsteps, despite his efforts: "I tried to get Kevin to become a musician, I sent him to piano and guitar lessons, but he didn't like it."

Karen, on the other hand, has followed some music lessons and then is dedicated to classical dance, but today she wants to study to become a psychologist. “I would have liked to pass this passion on to my children” – explained Mal. However, he can only be proud of the beautiful kids he raised.

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