Today is another day, Matilda De Angelis: "I cried when I entered Sanremo"

Today is another day, Matilda De Angelis: "I cried when I entered Sanremo"

Matilda De Angelis, to the microphones of "Today is another day", told her emotion for Sanremo 2021

Sanremo 2021, the super guests of the Festival

Young, beautiful and talented: Matilda De Angelis was chosen by Amadeus to open this edition of the Sanremo Festival. The talented actress told herself to the microphones of Today is another day, during a special episode dedicated entirely to the event.

Serena Bortone has in fact decided to focus solely on Sanremo 2021 this week. And among the many guests on video link from the Ligurian town where the Festival takes place, there is also the splendid Matilda De Angelis. It is she who supports Amadeus on the opening night of the singing competition, broadcast on Tuesday 2 March: "I'm fine, I'm excited and I'm a little anxious. But I'm very happy ”- she revealed to Today is another day.

The actress, who has returned from the incredible success of the TV series The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, also told a nice anecdote with which she highlighted all her emotion: "I didn't cry when I went on stage, I cried when I entered. I thought: 'No, I'm going home now and I have to explain to everyone that I can't lead'. But then I told myself that I had to rock and I had to have fun. And when I started rehearsing I felt at home again, because then the stage was my home for many years “.

In addition, Matilda announced some more details about her participation in the Sanremo 2021 Festival, revealing that she is ready to sing on the Ariston stage: "I sing twice, but I can't spoil anything else". With a splendid smile, De Angelis closed the short interview to devote herself to rehearsals, waiting to go down the famous Sanremo staircase.

Shortly before, the actress had intervened during the press conference on the first evening of the Festival, telling a little about her journey: "I started at 18 from nothing, immediately launched into a high category. I was doing my baccalaureate in high school when I got my first starring role. I lived at least three years with the impostor syndrome, I didn't understand why I and not someone else had been chosen. Then, when I started being taken abroad as well, I realized that I deserved it ".

On her presence in Sanremo as co-host of Amadeus, however, she confessed: “I'm happy to participate like this, because I'm not a real singer. I have been and the music is part of me. I was a street artist for a long time, I shot in a van. It makes me strange to be on the stage of the Ariston ".

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