Today is another day, Maurizio Costanzo tells of his love for De Filippi

Maurizio Costanzo, guest at "Today is another day", revealed some details of his private life

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, 25 years of marriage: their love story

The new episode of Oggi is another day, the afternoon show of Rai1, gave us great emotions: Serena Bortone in fact had many guests in her studio, including Maurizio Costanzo. The journalist, in video link from home, had the opportunity to tell about himself, letting himself go to some anecdote about his most intimate sphere.

Historical television personality, his name has made the history of Italian journalism. Maurizio Costanzo had the opportunity to interview many personalities from the world of entertainment, sport and politics, always riding the wave on various current issues. Bortone wanted to retrace her long and prolific career, recalling her enormous professional commitment. "I have no hobbies, I have always worked alone and only and I am happy, because this kept me company" – admitted the conductor – "And then there is a teaching by Piero Angela: 'Please, never sit in an armchair but keep always the brain in training, so Alzheimer's does not come '”.

However, in the course of his intense journalistic activity, Costanzo had to face particularly difficult moments. One of these is the attack he suffered in 1993, exactly one year after the tragedy in which his friend Giovanni Falcone lost his life: "Life is made up of cops and thieves, if you are on the side of the guards, thieves are day they will try to lead you ”- simply summed up Maurizio. On that occasion, his partner Maria De Filippi was also with him. Both came out unscathed from the attack, albeit deeply shaken.

“That day, Maria made her father a promise: she would never go back in the car with me. And he never did it again ”- said the journalist, explaining with this curious anecdote how he and De Filippi have always preferred to organize themselves in a different way, in order not to face the issue anymore. On the woman he has had at his side for many years, Maurizio Costanzo then revealed some more details. Like the moment she discovered she was going to have a sparkling career: "When I saw the first issue of Amici, there was such natural wisdom in what she did that I realized it was a talent, it would go on" .

In fact, Maria De Filippi is today one of the most popular presenters of Canale 5 and is the author of many successful programs. But she is also the woman who literally made Costanzo capitulate: "When I saw her, I realized that I wanted to grow old with her. I came from three marriages, so I had some experience in the business ”. Pulling a bit of the strings of everything he has had up to now, the journalist finally revealed: "I had a lucky life, I hope I don't 'laugh at it' in the end. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren, I really love seeing them. What makes me happier is waking up in the morning, because at a certain age it is an achievement. And the second thing is that we say good morning to Mary “.

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