Today is another day, Mita Medici and her love affair with Califano

Today is another day, Mita Medici and her love affair with Califano

Mita Medici, guest at "Today is another day", returns to talk about her relationship with Franco Califano

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

The television week of Today is another day continues, the afternoon show broadcast on Rai1. This time, Serena Bortone welcomed the splendid Mita Medici in her studio: a great singer and actress, she told herself in the round and talked about her famous love story with Franco Califano.

Her career began when she was still very young, winning the title of Miss Italian Teenager at the Piper Club, a historic local in Rome. Right there, Mita Medici found notoriety: her name is still mentioned alongside that of other great artists such as Patty Pravo, who at the time shared the nickname "Piper's girl" with her. Much has been said about his successes, but also about his private life. In particular, about his most famous love story, the one with the singer Franco Califano – who died in 2013.

“Califano knew how to woo, he always had a thought” – revealed Mita, telling an unprecedented side of the great artist – “We had a good time and we had fun, he was truly a gentleman“. When the two met, it was impossible for Medici not to fall in love. So much so that, at a certain point, they decided to take a big step: "We went to live together, so there was also a bit of a scandal". She, still very young (it had not yet passed 1968, Bortone recalled), did not hesitate to agree to share her daily life with Franco Califano.

However, things did not go the right way. "We were together for 3 years, not a lot but it was an intense period" – admitted Mita, then explaining what happened when things ended between them – "When I left him, he went to my mother to ask her for help to win me back". To the microphones of Today is another day, the singer has also decided to tell why this solid relationship has quickly faded away: "I left it because there was a misunderstanding. He told me a lie ”.

According to the words of Mita Medici, at the time Califano had explained to her that he had to go on a trip, but then she had seen him with a friend of hers in a club in Rome, where among other things they always went together. "I went home, took my things and left" – she concluded. And now? At this moment, there is no special love in her life, but the desire is very strong.

“Today I want to fall in love” he announced to Serena Bortone – “I would like a funny man, sure of himself. He must have a structured life, so that his passions mix with mine ". Mita has very clear ideas, and who knows if the right person does not arrive in this second phase of her life.

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