Today is another day, Nunzia De Girolamo tells of Todaro and her husband

Today is another day, Nunzia De Girolamo tells of Todaro and her husband

Nunzia De Girolamo, guest at "Today is another day", told herself in the round

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

A new episode of Today is another day is back, an afternoon broadcast of Rai1 much loved by the public. In her sitting room, Serena Bortone always welcomes interesting guests ready to tell each other with an open heart: this time it is Nunzia De Girolamo's turn, who has let herself go to some curious confessions about her private life.

In a particularly difficult period – Bortone, positive at Covid, is forced to lead from home – the show continues unabated, with many surprises for the public. The interview with Nunzia De Girolamo, in fact, gave viewers great emotions: at first she briefly retraced her career and the incredible change she underwent a few years ago. "Sometimes life gives you extraordinary surprises" – she revealed – "because today I am another woman".

One of the cornerstones of her change was participation in Dancing with the Stars, an experience that really gave her a lot. After leaving politics, Nunzia decided to dive into this adventure alongside Raimondo Todaro, for whom she has only beautiful words today: "He is an extraordinary boy, we still hear from time to time, because our daughters have become friends. We had fun, we smiled and he put me in front of my femininity ". A splendid compliment for the dancer, who arrives on his birthday and who, we are sure, will have given him great pleasure.

Finally, De Girolamo opened up a bit about her private life. She has been married for some time to Francesco Boccia, and theirs is a love born in Parliament: both sides in politics, but on two diametrically opposed fronts, they fell madly in love. "With him it was love at first sight, it had never happened to me" – Nunzia confessed – "It was his smile and his look that struck me". For some time they both preferred to keep their story away from prying eyes (even, as she herself revealed, for months they only spoke by email).

But in the end they came out and fulfilled their dream of love. Nunzia De Girolamo and Francesco got married in 2011, and just a year later their beautiful daughter, little Gea, was born. “Before Francesco I was a career woman who did not want children. When we decided to get married in total secrecy, I realized that my life would really change ”- explained De Girolamo with great emotion.

And, looking at the tender images of her little girl, she couldn't help but utter beautiful words of love: "It gave me so much strength in myself, but it also reduced my ambition, it centered me on life. With her I understood what my priorities are. It is the great love of my life “.

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