Today is another day: Paola Perego, panic attacks and rebirth

Today is another day: Paola Perego, panic attacks and rebirth

Interviewed by Serena Bortone, Paola Perego is back on TV after the Coronavirus, telling about herself with an open heart

Paola Perego told herself with an open heart to the microphones of Today is another day. Interviewed by Serena Bortone, the presenter is back on TV after overcoming the Coronavirus infection, ready to restart her adventure on the small screen at the helm of her new program The red thread, broadcast from 21 November.

Paola Perego told herself in the round, talking about her experience with Covid, her career, her relationship with her nephew Pietro and the men in her life.

The presenter went back to confessing about the panic attacks she suffered from in the past and which she talked about in her book Behind the Scenes of My Fears: “It's not easy to make people understand. You are doing anything, you are fine but suddenly you breathe and the air does not pass: you have a sense of suffocation, you think 'I'm dying', tachycardia and panic begin ".

Perego also explained that in past years no doctor had really helped her: "They said I had a nervous breakdown, they gave me drugs that made me dumb but didn't solve the problem. And they didn't recommend psychoanalysis, which is the primary cure: there is always a reason why panic attacks come, psychotherapy helps you to resolve the disease permanently ".

And thanks to psychoanalysis, the presenter managed to get to the heart of the problem: the will to take on responsibility and feelings of guilt, losing sight of her own needs, desires and emotions.

Then Perego dwelt a lot on the relationship with her husband Lucio Presta: a relationship made of mutual care and dedication, as she herself said: "He is the best man in the world. He also has a very bad temper, it must be said, we fight often, but after a week of dating I told him he would be the most important man in my life, regardless of how our story would end. And so it is after 23 years ”.

Lucio was able to listen to her without judging and was close to her in difficult moments: “I came from a completely different relationship, where you didn't listen to me and you judged me. My ex judged me, but we were both young and he didn't have the tools to understand this disease ”.

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