Today is another day: Rosanna Fratello, love for her husband Pino and daughter

Rosanna Fratello

Rosanna Fratello, guest at "Today is another day", told herself in the round

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

Like every afternoon, the eagerly awaited appointment is renewed with Today is another day, the Rai1 broadcast conducted by Serena Bortone. The guest of this splendid episode was Rosanna Fratello, an icon of Italian music since the 1970s: during a long interview, she confessed to her private sphere and the great loves that have marked her life.

Born in San Severo and moved to Lombardy when she was still a child, Rosanna Fratello had a dazzling career that began at a very young age. He has participated 7 times in the Sanremo Festival, boasts in his curriculum a long trail of incredible successes and has been for a long time one of the stars of the Italian music scene. The trio formed by her, Bobby Solo and Little Tony is unforgettable: their albums have received numerous acclaim among the public.

Just Bobby Solo, consulted by Bortone, gave a wonderful surprise to Rosanna by speaking live on Today is another day. By telling some hilarious anecdotes of their experience together, the great artist caused more than a laugh among viewers. Furthermore, in the sitting room of the Rai1 show, the Brother tackled a "hot" topic. For a long time there has been talk of the separation between her and Ornella Vanoni, and even of a form of jealousy that the latter would have had towards her colleague. "This thing has always been in the air" – admitted Rosanna – "I have always been a singer of the people, I have not taken anything away from her".

Then, for the Brother it was time to delve into her private life. Looking back on some of the happiest moments of his childhood, he dedicated beautiful words to his family: “I had a happy mom, a happy dad and five brothers. One is no longer there and I miss him a lot, he wanted to be an actor and he accompanied me into this world. He was a wonderful brother to me and an extraordinary person ”. Having become an adult, in the 1970s Rosanna met Pino Cappellano, her true great love.

The two got married in 1975, and two years later their only daughter Guendalina was born: "I get along very well with her, we have the same tastes and she involves me in all her things. It is a sincere and very true relationship ”. Thanks to her, Rosanna Fratello has become the grandmother of two splendid little men, Alessandro and Giovanni: "I wish them all the good in the world, and my daughter to always remain who she is, a real person who loves her children enormously".

Before concluding the interview, Serena Bortone wanted to give her another great emotion, broadcasting the video message of a dear friend of hers. We are talking about Iva Zanicchi, with whom Rosanna collaborated for a long time: "She is a wonderful person, she has always been good to me" – admitted the singer – "I find she is really a great woman".

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