Today is another day, Serena Bortone skips the live broadcast: the first episode has been postponed

Serena Bortone

Serena Bortone’s debut at the helm of the new season of “Today is another day” has been postponed: that’s when the first episode airs

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

The highly anticipated return of Serena Bortone, once again at the helm of her lucky show Today is another day, has been postponed: the broadcast of Rai1, ready for a new season full of surprises, should have debuted on Monday 13 September 2021, but did not air.

The loyal viewers of Bortone will certainly have had a nasty surprise, in seeing the debut of the much acclaimed program that will keep us company in the approaching daytime of this autumn slip. Just as happened to UnoMattina and other shows of the Rai flagship network, also Oggi is another day had to stop. The reason? Some trade union unrest has wreaked havoc within the broadcaster’s schedule, precisely in the hours when the new autumn season should have started.

An announcement, broadcast on all Rai networks during the morning, warned the public of possible sudden changes in the day’s programming. Which actually happened with, for example, the replacement of Agorà with a film. But only a little while ago, close to the scheduled time for the airing of the first episode of Today is another day, we found out about its postponement. In its place, as Serena Bortone also explained in her Instagram stories, we opted for a special appointment dedicated to the best moments of last season, with many interviews and exciting memories.

The debut of Bortone, who will be the protagonist of the afternoon of Tuesday 14 September, is therefore postponed – this news was also announced by the presenter herself, as well as from the official social profile of Today is another day. Viewers will not have to wait long to discover all the news of this second season, which apparently will be many. Starting with the guests: in the coming weeks, many stars will follow each other in the studio, to tell each other without filters and give beautiful emotions to the public.

There should also be some surprises on the front of the “stable affections” that enrich each episode. Alongside Gigliola Cinquetti, Jessica Morlacchi, Massimo Cannoletta and Memo Remigi, other personalities from the Italian entertainment scene will arrive. And, according to what Serena Bortone revealed in recent days, a new space dedicated entirely to Romina Carrisi is coming – on which, however, she did not want to unbalance further.

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