Today is Single Day, but I don't need a day to "celebrate" my choice

Today is Single Day, but I don't need a day to "celebrate" my choice

Dear single friends, I'll explain why today is not my party and neither is yours!

The phone rings and with an absent-minded way I notice that this is yet another little message that invites me to shop online because the current offers are really convenient, as if this addiction to shopping on the web wasn't enough. But this morning there is something different in these waves of promotions ranging from technology to beauty products, I just need to read a few more lines to reveal the mystery.

Those offers are for me, just for me and for all those lonely women, those who do not have a person at home waiting for them in the evening, those who have to undergo the third degree interrogation every day, by relatives, friends and colleagues, of why they still don't have a boyfriend and when they plan to settle down, as if the choice of being single or not was affecting their lives.

So not only is the torture not about to end, but shops and companies are echoing it and, with consolation, they tell me “Hey are you single? Don't worry, we have a mega offer for you, “because today is Single Day and apparently it's my party. Happy Birthday to me!

Should I therefore organize something? Making cakes and sweets and inviting someone to eat them together until you feel bad? No, I cannot do it because I am single and as such I am destined to live in solitude.

Thesis supported by this celebration which, certainly not by coincidence, falls on 11/11, a day made up of a series of number ones that The solitude of prime numbers is nothing in comparison. Because for the others now I know, those like me are considered solitary par excellence to whom the number one is destined waiting, as when one is in line at the supermarket, to receive the number two. Because it is only at that point that, girlfriends, can we feel complete. Victory!

And so who cares about all those battles for emancipation, those choices a woman makes to follow self-love, that personal, emotional and professional independence suffered, fought, desired at any cost, if all that what matters is having a ring on your finger to show it to the whole world?

And then, it's not that for me love isn't a serious thing, indeed it is: I'm single by choice because I decided not to settle, to wait for something special and unique to arrive in my life. But this does not mean that my existence is not filled with this feeling as perhaps those who invented this festival think and invite us to celebrate it; no, obviously this person does not know that there are many forms of love that result in friendship relationships, in those with the family and especially towards myself.

What then if we really want to say it all, this number does not bother me so much because even if one day I meet love, the crazy one and the beautiful one, my status, I know, will not change because I will always keep my individuality . I may be number two, in the eyes of others, when I meet someone and a three if I have a child, but I will always remain number one and no one will take that away from me.

That's why I just can't celebrate Single Day today!

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