Tok beauté: the ombré concealer, the glamorous trick to conceal dark circles

Tok beauté: the ombré concealer, the glamorous trick to conceal dark circles

There are countless treatments and makeup products intended to camouflage dark circles, and yet TikTok users have managed to develop a new innovative technique to combine glamor and efficiency. Code name: the ombré concealer, a method which consists (simply) in multiplying the colors of concealer and blush under the eye to neutralize dark circles, illuminate the eyes, and enhance the cheekbones. And all that, in the blink of an eye!

Friends surrounded, this new trick spotted on TikTok is made for you! We already knew the shaded hair, a hair coloring technique, now there is the shaded concealer. It’s also about playing with colors, shadows, and light, but at eye level. The objective is to camouflage dark circles while illuminating the eyes, and – let’s be crazy – to enhance the cheekbones in passing. A kind of all-in-one that already has millions of followers on the Chinese social network, including big names in beauty and makeup. Proof that the trick did not go unnoticed.

Over 15 million views

A rainbow of colors! This is what the ombré concealer technique, which is a hit on TikTok, requires. The enthusiasm for this method is such that the hashtags #ombreconcealer and #ombreconcealertutorial alone have already generated more than 15 million views in just a few weeks. We owe one of the most viewed videos (3 million times) to user Klaudia (@klaudiasyd), passionate about make-up and beauty tips, who offers her own version of the ombré concealer with no less five dots of color applied under each eye to achieve a look worthy of the most beautiful Hollywood red carpets.

Ombré concealer: instructions for use

To perform this technique, all you have to do is get three different shades of concealer or liquid correctors (two much lighter than the color of the foundation, and a third slightly lighter), as well as two shades of blush (peach and cherry, for example). In her video, the user applies the three dots of concealer starting from the inner corner of the eye, starting with the lightest shades, then finishing with the blush dots in the outer corner. The trick is (almost) done! The final, essential step is to blend the whole thing, again starting with the inner corner of the eye to obtain a uniform line. It is quite possible to fix everything with a powder to perfect the technique.

@klaudiasyd love this undereye technique #makeup #undereyeconcealer #makeuphack #makeuptips #makeuproutine ♬ This Year Blessing by Victor Thompson – Ude Paw Paw

As we have seen, the shaded concealer already has millions of followers on the Chinese social network, but it is not the only method highlighted by users to camouflage dark circles. Over the past few months, pink concealer has been making waves, acclaimed for its ability to hide dark circles while guaranteeing a healthy glow. A result also obtained thanks to the pink blush, diverted from its initial function, which was also unanimous for several weeks.