Tok beauty: a tea bag to overcome a broken nail

Tok beauty: a tea bag to overcome a broken nail

What’s more frustrating than a broken nail right after a manicure? Don’t panic, a tip straight from TikTok, unearthed by world-renowned nail artists, promises to save the day. And the key would be in your kitchen, in the tea section… Explanations.

TikTok is full of beauty tips to solve everyday problems, from unmanageable frizz to dry skin. However, it is the repair of broken nails that is captivating users of the Chinese social network today. Savvy professionals or nail art enthusiasts, like @kuypernailart and Betina Goldstein, have shared a surprising tip to overcome this little everyday problem without having to spend a fortune. And for good reason, the solution is necessarily within reach: a simple tea bag – and a little nail glue – would be enough to repair an accidentally broken nail. This method, as simple as it is unexpected, is part of the desire of social users to promote creative and accessible solutions to optimize our beauty routine.

According to the tutorials shared on the Asian platform, this beauty tip does not require specific know-how, it is even simple to reproduce. The first step is to buff the nail, then cut a small piece of tea bag, large enough to cover the cracked area, and apply glue to the break. Then simply place the sachet on the broken nail using tweezers, then cover everything with another dose of glue. All that remains is to let it dry, then file everything down to obtain a smooth finish. It is possible to add a top coat or a base, of your choice, to camouflage this homemade repair.

The material from which the tea bag is made would create a sort of protective barrier, allowing the nail to be repaired in no time. Be careful, however, not to use this method if the breakage is significant; which could damage the nail in the long term. As is often the case, it is better to go to a professional – or cut everything off – in the most extreme situations – yes, we are talking about manicures. However, note the success of this tip, since the hashtag #teabagnails has already generated nearly 9 million views on the Chinese social network.

Filing your nails regularly and moisturizing them with a specific cream or oil are among the beauty actions to adopt on a daily basis to prevent them from becoming brittle. It is also possible to apply a nail hardener, or to immerse them in a ‘bath’ composed of olive oil and lemon. So many tips that will save you a lot of inconvenience.

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