Tok beauty: eyeshadow, the surprising tip for creating chrome nails

Tok beauty: eyeshadow, the surprising tip for creating chrome nails

Good news ! It is no longer necessary, or in any case essential, to go to a salon to get a manicure worthy of a movie star – or a beauty influencer. TikTok is full of tips, each more affordable and effective than the last, for doing it at home. The latest is to get chrome nails, the trend of the moment, thanks to a simple… eye shadow.

Attention nail art fans, the chrome manicure which has been popular on social networks for several months, with many new trends for the fall-winter 2023 season, can be reproduced (very) easily at home. A tip unearthed on the Chinese social network TikTok even allows you to obtain it in no time, and without spending a cent. And for good reason, the cosmetic product necessary for its realization is – inevitably – already in your bathroom. Eye shadow would be the new beauty ally for nail art fans, due to its accessibility and the ease with which it allows you to reproduce a professional manicure. We tell you everything!

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You just need to scroll for a few minutes under the hashtag #chromenails, which still has 1.5 billion views, to realize that eye shadows have become essential elements of nail art. An observation made very recently with the rise of vampire nails, an ultra chic manicure which is gaining popularity as Halloween approaches and which can be created using black or gray eyeshadow. But it is especially chrome nails which today benefit from this tip which is as unusual as it is effective – and inexpensive – which will save some people the expense of a return trip to a nail artist. The success of this beauty gesture is such that a hashtag is entirely dedicated to it, #eyeshadownails, which has already exceeded 46 million views.

Affordable and eco-friendly

And making it is child’s play. All you need is a base, a nail polish (color of your choice depending on the desired result), an eye shadow palette, and a top coat. Nothing more. The idea is to bring the coveted chrome look using eye shadow. There are two options available to you for this. The first consists of applying a base, then any varnish, then a pearly eye shadow, and fixing everything with a top coat. The second is based on the same steps, except that instead of classic varnish it is possible to use eye shadows, just to reinforce the chrome appearance of the manicure. In less than ten minutes, the trick is done.

Not content with being easy, quick, and effective, this tip saves time and money while contributing – depending on your makeup consumption – to fight against waste. The reason is simple, powder eyeshadow palettes can be kept for between one and two years provided they have been stored in a dry place. But rare are the users who use all the shadows – some palettes contain more than twenty – generally setting their sights on only a few shades. This tip therefore allows you to optimize your purchases by juggling between your favorite shades for the eyes and those that you tend to neglect for the nails. A solution, albeit small, to reduce waste.

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