Tom Cruise against the troupe that violates the anti-covid rules: the audio of the insults

Tom Cruise against the troupe that violates the anti-covid rules: the audio of the insults

Tom Cruise infuriated with the Mission Impossible 7 crew violating anti-covid regulations: “We are working to create thousands of jobs and for the future of cinema. If you do it again I will fire you "

That Tom Cruise is an authoritarian person and a bit of a despot, in some respects, is also known and confirmed by his exes, Katie Holmes in the first place. May he also be a great perfectionist and maniac in his work, always precise and irreproachable, as well. This is confirmed by directors, colleagues and professionals.

It is therefore inevitable, adding the two aspects, that the actor, who has been shooting Mission Impossible 7 in recent months, in front of two members of the crew who violated the anti-covid rules, exploded and went into a rage.

The audio of the lecture addressed to the two, who, apparently, would have violated the rule of physical distancing, by putting themselves too close in front of a computer, was picked up and published by The Sun and here you can listen to it in full.

This is the content:

In Hollyood they went back to making films because they believe in us and what we do. We're creating thousands of jobs, ugly bitches…. I never want to see anything like this again! Never! And if you do, you will quit, if it happens again you will go to that country

Don't you dare ever do it again. I don't accept excuses. Go tell the folks that they're losing their *** house due to theaters closing. This won't put food on their table and won't pay college fees. This is what I go to sleep with every night. The future of this industry ***! So I'm sorry, I don't need your apologies. I told you and now I want it and if you don't, you're out. We're not going to suspend this fucking movie. I got it? If I see you doing it again you're out! And you too! So you will cost him the job. If I see you doing it on set you are out and you are too! That's all! I've been clear? Do you understand what I want? Do you understand the responsibility you have? Because I will appeal to your reason. And if you don't know how to be reasonable and don't understand your logic, you will be fired. That's all. I trust you guys here, that's all. It's all guys

Clearer than that…

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