"Tommaso Zorzi and Gabriel Garko are together": the influencer speaks

Tommaso Zorzi

Tommaso Zorzi clarifies the relationship with Gabriel Garko with whom he has been spotted several times

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

Are Tommaso Zorzi and Gabriel Garko together? The influencer and the actor have been paparazzi together several times and it seems that after the end of GF Vip a good bond was born. To clarify the relationship between the two, after numerous indiscretions, it was Zorzi who replied to the gossip, first to Verissimo, then on Instagram.

The columnist from the Isola dei Famosi confessed that between him and Garko there is only a beautiful friendship, born after the meeting in the reality show in which Gabriel chose to come out in a long letter to Rosalinda Cannavò. "Between us there is only friendship – he confessed to Silvia Toffanin -. We met right after the end of Big Brother. He had come to Milan to meet Rosalinda Cannavò, with whom I had shared the experience of the reality show. From there we took a tour and they photographed us together ”.

At GF Vip, Tommaso Zorzi managed to create important ties. After the end of the reality show he remained in contact with Francesco Oppini, son of Alba Parietti, but above all with Stefania Orlando. Some time ago Zorzi and Garko had been guests at the showgirl's house for an evening with friends, between shots posted on Instagram and smiles.

While after Alfonso Signorini's reality show, Tommaso appeared in numerous broadcasts, from Verissimo to the Maurizio Costanzo Show, up to the Island of the Famous, where he was chosen by Ilary Blasi as a columnist, Stefania Orlando has temporarily moved away from TV. "I wanted to tell you that it is also my choice not to go to the programs, because I need to be on my own for a while – he explained some time ago -. I'm making music, I'm doing other things. So, no one 'doesn't want me', there's nothing underneath. Things will happen, we just have to be patient. Everything is fine, you must continue to support me with great positivity, because we need that. Then, guys, experience teaches us that haste is a bad adviser – he concluded -. So you have to know how to wait, things will come, they are not imminent. You have to know how to wait ".

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