Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani of Amici ever closer

Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani of Amici ever closer

Tommaso Zorzi, the gossip about him does not stop: after the declaration of Mariano Catanzaro, he shows up with Tommaso di Amici

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani di Amici appear ever closer. The two were first spotted in Bologna by some fans, then Zorzi shared stories in which he showed himself with the dancer. The controversy over their relationship had led Zorzi to release some pretty raw stories, in which he invited fans to stay out of his private life.

Although Zorzi continues to claim to be single at the moment, there are many flirtations attributed to him: recently, in fact, even a former tronista – Mariano Catanzaro – had openly declared that he would be happy to build a relationship with him.

But when did Tommaso Stanzani, a former student of Amici 20, enter Zorzi's life? The first sighting between the two dates back to a few weeks ago – taken by Chi – when they were seen together walking through the streets of Milan. And now Bologna is the scenario of their new meeting: the two ate together.

Following their first meeting, the controversy inflamed Tommaso's profile, in particular due to the age difference between the two. The showman had intervened through some stories on his Instagram, as well as on Twitter. "The interest in my stores is high, but getting to spread hatred towards my acquaintances is unacceptable". So he had urged his followers to stay away from his private, without interference.

In any case, the uniqueness of the relationship with the former student of Amici seems evident: in the stories shared by Tommaso, Stanzani is seen laughing and dancing, an opportunity to have fun and to get away from work, especially for Zorzi, who in recent Times is engaged as a columnist at the Island of the Famous 2021.

Neither of them, to date, has however confirmed the bond: it could be a date, a special friendship or a flirt to live in privacy.

Contested by everyone, Tommaso goes on and prefers to enjoy the moment, perhaps without official ties, who knows, or, as he himself said, he is keeping his love affairs reserved. It would not actually be a choice to be condemned. Currently, between work, friendships (in particular the one with Stefania Orlando, cultivated during the Gf Vip) and the new home, Zorzi has a busy life: who knows, however, that there is no room left for love.

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