Tommaso Zorzi, happy despite the controversy: shows the new ultra-luxury house

Tommaso Zorzi

Tommaso Zorzi does not bow to Stefano Bettarini's controversy: on Instagram, he shares the joy of the new home (with a breathtaking view)

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

Tommaso Zorzi couldn't be happier than this: he hosts his own show, Il Punto Z; he is currently a columnist on the Island of the Famous 2021; won the Big Brother VIP. And now he has given himself a new home – with a super view! – ignoring the controversies that have arisen in the last few hours, in particular from Stefano Bettarini.

Zorzi's television career is proceeding at full speed, but there are those who consider him a bit of a "parsley". At the moment, there is no doubt that Thomas is everywhere on television broadcasts. His presence on the Island of the Famous 2021 as a columnist, together with Elettra Lamborghini and Iva Zanicchi, is a certainty: the trio lights up the show, although there have also been disagreements between them, especially on the difference in fees.

During a live Instagram, in connection with Maurizio Sorge, Stefano Bettarini did not spare himself at all on Tommaso Zorzi. "Very smart for his age, but I think he simply took advantage of all the little frame that Alfonso Signorini built for him at GF Vip." In part, he compliments him, acknowledging his cunning and intelligence.

“It is not difficult to reach certain levels, but to stay there. The people around him don't give a damn. They just want to squeeze it. You create a career with many no's, not with many yeses. He is a parsley. You catch everything, but it takes a little while to disappear. " Zorzi's personality, however, has conquered a large slice of people, who love his way of being, including irreverent jokes and a certain savoir-faire.

Beyond the controversy, Zorzi's new home is breathtaking: it is luxurious, but above all it is in a context that is nothing short of fabulous. It is located in one of the central areas of Milan, very elegant, namely Porta Venezia. On his official channels, the showman shared the joy with his followers, totally glossing over the Bettarini controversy. No answer, for now, even if Zorzi is known for not holding back.

"Guys, I will miss this house very much, but I'm not there anymore." Thus begins the long live broadcast by Zorzi on Instagram, where he lets himself go to nostalgia. Shortly after, however, he moves on to happiness, especially for the new view of the house. On the stories, he shows off the double living room, with built-in wardrobes – in English style – a huge bedroom: together with him, during the move, his friends and his mother, to whom he is deeply attached.

Recently, there has also been much discussion about a possible return to TV of Stefania Orlando, with whom Tommaso has made a splendid friendship. However, for now, the television projects are shelved, but, who knows, in the future, we may see them again together: they had a nice chemistry on the screen. For now, Tommaso can enjoy this golden moment, between his career and his new home.

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