Tommaso Zorzi sad for the quarrel with Aurora Ramazzotti, but she refuses the GF Vip

Tommaso Zorzi sad for the quarrel with Aurora Ramazzotti, but she refuses the GF Vip

Tommaso Zorzi continues to suffer from the quarrel with his friend Aurora, but she has refused the invitation of the "Big Brother Vip"

The friendship between Tommaso Zorzi and Aurora Ramazzotti seems to have come to an end. In fact, many have noticed how the influencer and Michelle Hunziker's daughter suddenly drifted apart.

Everything would be due to a quarrel that the two former friends would have had a few months ago: Tommaso, as he told his roommates, would not be able to clarify with Aurora before entering the GF Vip house.

The reasons for the dismissal, at least up to now, were not known: speaking, however, was Gabriele Parpiglia, who on Giornalettismo revealed what would happen between Zorzi and Ramazzotti.

Big Brother Vip in fact tried to contact Aurora for a clarification with his friend, but she refused any type of proposal from the program.

According to the journalist, the influencer would have resented because, during the period of the lockdown, he would have been neglected by her best friend, who was more focused on her family and on her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza. The relations between the two then would have been completely interrupted:

The definitive crisis exploded last summer – Parpiglia wrote – when the two had organized a reconciling weekend in Capri. Just the two of them: but Aurora canceled everything one day before, even, perhaps, a few hours before departure. He left Tommaso on his feet for a just cause, that is, because Goffredo's grandmother had died.

It seems Zorzi would have reacted badly, going to Jesolo to see a friend. Since then, the cold would have fallen between the two, and the situation would seem irrecoverable, precisely because of the resistance of Ramazzotti.

Gabriele Parpiglia also added that Tommaso's motivations would go beyond the missed weekend in Capri, because “he has other private motivations within himself which, if he wishes, he will make it public”.

The journalist revealed that Aurora would be very sorry for her friend's reaction, and so would her boyfriend Goffredo, who had established a friendship with Zorzi:

Aurora, at this moment, refused any interview or intervention to talk about Zorzi (…) She is very attached to Tommaso, but her reaction last summer hurt her and not a little and it seems that the wound has also extended to Goffredo . The two, at the moment, do not want to know about Zorzi, on the contrary Aurora expects an apology from Tommaso.

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