Tonic breast even after breastfeeding … and without plastic surgery!

Tonic breast even after breastfeeding ... and without plastic surgery!

A project dedicated to women's breasts and loss of tone after breastfeeding. It's called Mother's heart, woman's body and is made in collaboration with gynecologists, psychologists and aesthetic doctors with the aim of informing mothers about the importance of breastfeeding, sometimes avoided precisely for fear of losing that natural volume indispensable for maintaining one's femininity, and on non-surgical ways to make him return as before.

According to a survey conducted by Datanalysis on 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 40, two out of three women believe that breastfeeding will never return to normal after breastfeeding. This brings out a little considered aspect of motherhood: the alleged loss of femininity among new mothers and the physical, but above all psychological, consequences this entails. "Becoming a mother does not mean giving up being a woman" says Alessandro Gennai, a plastic surgeon from Bologna who joins the initiative. "Indeed, motherhood is an opportunity to rediscover your body and to return to appreciate it after the experiences of pregnancy and breastfeeding which, although beautiful and rewarding, upset your body".

Although women believe that the décolleté is "fundamental for maintaining their femininity" (75%) and one new mother out of two believes that corrective intervention after breastfeeding is useful, as many as 80% of the interviewees gave up on interventions to return their breasts to what they once were. The reasons? First of all, the fear of the scalpel (56.7%), but also the lack of technical time to devote to surgery, between hospitalization and recovery time (10.8%). Only 22% say they are willing to go under the knife to find the tone before pregnancy, while 70% would gladly accept light help and without anesthesia.

"A few months after giving birth, new mothers return to look in the mirror and find themselves inevitably changed, also because today pregnancies are increasingly affecting women over 35, an age in which the skin loses tone and difficulty in returning as before", she says again Dr. Gennai "To regain one's femininity there are safe and effective techniques to restore shape to the breast that last the baby's afternoon rest". One of the solutions is hyaluronic acid, which promises to reshape the breasts and to round the breasts emptied of pregnancy gradually and harmoniously in 30 minutes, without anesthesia. The result obtained is not definitive, when hyaluronic acid is gradually reabsorbed, but it is ideal as a "last minute" solution to show off a bikini already this summer.

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