Too hot to “do it”? Here are your alternatives under the sheets!

alternative per intimità in estate

Too hot to make love? Then try one of our alternatives for intimacy in the summer: with these temperatures, better have a plan B!

Imagine this scene: it was one of days warmer than the last period and you are exhausted like never before.

alternatives for intimacy in the summer

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Your partner is lying on the bed next to you: both of them you are hot, sweaty And tired but, although the evening hours begin to drop, the heat shows no sign of decreasing.
It has been going on like this for days now: you would also like to try to make love but the very idea makes you want to to open the drawer of the medicines to take a supplement immediately.
What can you do?

Summer Intimacy Alternatives: Not Just Full [email protected]

Now the temperatures they travel on measurements so high that it is impossible even to think of hugging another human being.

summer intimacy alternatives

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With record peaks of 40 degrees and the impending ecological disaster, who is it that wants to make love?
Well, the answer is: “pretty much everyone” … just that we don’t know how to do it!
Even if we have already given you here is a list of suggestions for intimate relationships to try during the summer so that you sweat lessyou do not necessarily feel like you are completing an intimate relationship.

We understand very well: with this hot it really takes courage! But what can you do that is not intimate but still leads you to achieve that coveted goal?
Here are yours options!

Mirror reflection

That you do it in video callby message or facing each other, it doesn’t matter.
The important thing is to play this (extremely adult) version of “mirror reflection”!

Stand in front of each other and, looking at each other well, let yourself go to a little bit of healthy And funny self-eroticism.
The partner will have to copy your moves: everything you do, he will have to do it too!
That’s why the mirror reflection!
Let yourself go and try a little bit of everything: obviously your bodies are different so it will be impossible to replicate the exact same movements. Don’t be discouraged, though, and find, indeed, a way to follow step by step the partner: fun (and pleasure) are guaranteed!

The show

After all, we already told you here (and in unsuspecting times) what are the secrets to try to give your partner a dream striptease.
We know that you have very little desire to move but no one says that you cannot choose the right music and the rhythm you prefer for this dance!

Indeed (and of course): you don’t have to be the one doing the striptease!
In any case, the idea is that one of the two slowly takes off each piece of clothing (even the skimpy ones we wear given the temperatures) to sound from music.
Finished taking off your clothes, intimate [email protected] is not carried out: keep moving, dancing and teasing your partner with nothing on! Finally that gust of wind coming from the window will really give you a little relief!
Your partner (or you, if you are the recipient of the striptease) can go it alone or to store the images in its memory for the future.

Alternatives to intimacy in the summer: the game “without hands and without penetration”

Do you want an alternative to intimacy in the summer?
Well, then get ready to play! The rules of this fantastic (and cruel) game of “prizes” are few.

  • you cannot touch yourself with your hands
  • you cannot have a full intimate relationship

Give yourself a time limit: two days like two hours or a whole week if you prefer and then start the game.
The idea is to succeed in tease the partner enough to make him cum… even while you are not touching and without using penetration!
Your hands must always be away from your partner, just as you absolutely must not surrender at joys of penetration.

Tongue, [email protected] toyshot photos, long well-written messages but also feathers or puffs used in the right place can be used.
The important thing is that you respect the rules and that you do not let yourself go into a full relationship without first having the other person come. Who reaches orgasm first, without having been touched by hands of the partner and without the penetrationlose.
Hey, you can give yourself a rematch as many times as you want, though!

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